"I'm a Real Treaty!" Accords

Anarchy Inc.
New Pacific Order

Treaty Type: MDoAP
Treaty Signed: July 21, 2012
Treaty Status: Active

The "I'm a Real Treaty!" Accords is a Mutual Defense and Optional Aggression Pact between Anarchy Inc. and the New Pacific Order. It was announced on July 21, 2012.

"I'm a Real Treaty!" AccordsEdit

Anarchy Inc. and the New Pacific Order hereby join together in a vision of strategic horizontal integration of interests, nuclear proliferation, and prosperity. This corporation shall be henceforth known as the “I’m A Real Treaty Accords” and will be a legal entity with its own rights and privileges.

Article I - Blinded by Me You Can't See a ThingEdit

While this corporation is binding, each alliance acknowledges that the other is sovereign and independent of the other. With this acknowledgment is that each alliance should agree to live in peace, prosperity, and agree to share windfall profits with each other after successful business operations.

Article II - Twisting Your Mind and Smashing Your DreamsEdit

Horizontal integration requires one strategic vision. If either party finds information vital to the operation of the other party they will be obligated to inform the affected party as soon as possible through private and official channels.

Article III - Taste Me You Will See More is All You NeedEdit

Economic cooperation is an essential facet of monopolizing markets. The standard trading ratio between babies and sheep is hereby set to an equal ratio. Economic assistance and cooperation can be requested by either party at any time and each party is encouraged, but not obligated, to comply.

Article IV - Just Call My Name 'Cause I'll Hear You ScreamEdit

If either party becomes the victim of any aggressive action for any reason, the other party shall be obligated to come to the aggrieved party’s assistance through military or economic means.

Article V - Pain Monopoly and Ritual MiseryEdit

Venture capitalism in the form of any aggressive action on a third party shall allow either signatory to exercise their option in joining in on said aggressive action.

Article VI - Now Your Life is Out of SeasonEdit

If there should ever be a time when economic competition is more beneficial to mutual cooperation, this pact can be dismissed with seventy two hours notice to the other party in private. After those seventy two hours passed a 96 hour non aggression pact begins and shall be in full force.


Signed for Anarchy, Inc.Edit

Signed for the New Pacific OrderEdit

Emperor of the New Pacific Order
Sword of the Order
Imperial Regent of the New Pacific Order
Imperial Officer of Foreign Affairs of the New Pacific Order
Purveyor of an FA Direction
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