This alliance has disbanded as of March 10, 2015. More information is available here.
Women's Action Group
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WAG Flag

WAG Official Flag

Wag War Flag
WAG War Flag
Team Color Yellow team Yellow
Founder(s) AntiFa, ncc
Founded 4/23/2014

Blood God: ncc

Udder Feeler: AntiFa
International relations

See: WAG International Relations

Member of the Men's Recovery Project
ODP with Fark
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The Women's Action Group (WAG) is a small alliance on the yellow team. It was founded on 23rd April 2014.


One day NCC and AntiFa were bored. So they made WAG :)


International relationsEdit

Active treatiesEdit

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Signed Status
White Knight Accords (link) ODP FARK Flag Fark 8/28/2014 Active

Historical relationsEdit

Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Signed Status
Untitled (link) Protectorate RIOT Flag new Riot Society (RIOT) 4/23/2014 Defunct: RIOT disbanded 8/28/2014 (link)
The Big Feminist Gala (link) ODP Flag of Los Pollos Hermanos Los Pollos Hermanos (LPH) 6/17/2014 Defunct: LPH disbanded late October 2014
Men's Recovery Project (link) Bloc/Pact-thing N1G19gE SLCB previously including RIOT, LT, LPH 5/16/2014 Defunct SLCB ceased to exist 1/19/2015
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