Western Economic Supreme Treaty
People's Flag
Peace and Stars, or War.
Military alliance
Secretary General
Council Chairmen
France François Hollande
United Kingdom Elizabeth II
Formation October 3, 2012
Member States
European Union-Flag European Union
Canada Canada
Christian flag Hispanic Democratic Republic

This Alliance is Part of the Axis Sphere


Map of WEST

The Western Economic Supreme Treaty or WEST, is an intergovernmental military and economic alliance which was created on 3 October 2012. The organization constitutes a system of collective defense whereby its member states agree to mutual defense in response to an attack by any external party. WEST's headquarters are in Berlin, Germany, one of the 4 member states across at The Americas and Europe. An additional 4 countries participate in WEST's Partnership for Peace. The combined military spending of all WEST members constitutes over 70% of the world's defence spending. It is thought to be the successor of NATO. It was created as a rightful response to eastern aggression and the formation of the Eastern Alliance Socialist Treaty.

For its first few months, WEST was not much more than a political association. However,after the Eastern Alliance Socialist Treaty was created ,the WEST galvanized the member states, and an integrated military structure was built up under the direction of two US supreme commanders. Doubts over the strength of the relationship between the European states, African states, Canada, and the Hispanic Republic ebbed and flowed.

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