Vanessa Vicksburg

Assumed office
January 9, 2123
Preceded by Katherine

In office
January 3, 2091 – January 3, 2093
President Steve Steel
Preceded by Thomas Malvern
Succeeded by Valentino Pinero

In office
November 1, 2089 – January 9, 2123
Succeeded by Samantha

In office
July 14, 2085 – November 1, 2089
Preceded by Stephanie

Born February 4, 2060 (age 79)
Mercton Cuidad, J Andres
Political party Nationalist
Royal House House of Vicksburg
Spouse Leandro Vacaro
Issue Samantha
Profession Pilot

Vanessa Vicksburg, or Vanessa, Countess of Danbury is the oldest child of Lady Athena of Lanier and is a direct descendant of Josef I, King of J Andres.

During the Grand Mexican War, Vanessa felt compelled to serve J Andres, and enlisted with the Air Force. After graduating from pilot's school she began piloting an F-2 fighter, which she flew during the battle for New York City.



Patrilineality, descent as reckoned from father to son, has historically been the principle determining membership in reigning families. By the paternal line, Vanessa belongs to the House of Black.

House of Black
  1. Matthew Black of Lanier
  2. Vanessa, Countess of Danbury

Royal HouseEdit

In J Andres, the descendants of a non-royal male are not required to take the name of his house as decreed by Queen Stephanie in 2052. In this manner, all royals should be able to trace their ancestry to Josef I or one of heads of the Dukedoms of bestowed peerage. As such, by Royal Lineage, Vanessa belongs to the House of Mercton.

House of Mercton
  1. Josef I, King of J Andres
  2. Richard, Emperor of J Andres
  3. Samantha, Countess of Lanier
House of Vicksburg
  1. Lady Athena of Lanier
  2. Vanessa, Countess of Danbury


  • February 4, 2060 - July 14, 2085 - Lady Vanessa of Lanier
  • July 14, 2085 - November 1, 2089 - The Honorable Vanessa, Baroness of Hartford
  • November 1, 2089 - January 9, 2123 - The Honorable Vanessa, Countess of Katherine
  • January 9, 2123 - Present - The Honorable Vanessa, Countess of Danbury
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