United British Empire
Unitedbritishempireflag Coa-ube
National Flag Coat of Arms
National Anthem
God Save the King
Capital London
Largest City London
Official Languages English
Regional Languages Irish, Dutch
Demonym British
Government Monarchy
- King George VII
- Formation

April 19, 2004
Total Area 1,048,000 sq mi
- Total Population
- Military Personnel

Literacy Rate 100%
Time Zone UTC +0/+1

The United British Empire or UBE is a European power controlling the British isles and Scandinavia.


The United British Empire is located in norther Europe and consists of United Kingdom, Ireland, Netherlands, Belgium, Iceland, Denmark, Nnorway, Sweden, and Finland.


The United British Empire has been fairly stable since the initial collapse of nations in 1973. The ruling House of Windsor is still in power, resting in King George VII. The United British Empire fought the Athenian and Roman Federations many times during their early years, but peace has reigned between Britain and her European neighbors for many years.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The United British Empire is a monarchy. The monarch appoints Governors to oversee territories. Although Britian does have an elected parliament, it is not as strong as in the days before the collapse. Most of the power now lies with the monarch.

Foreign RelationsEdit

Britian is friendly with most nations in Europe. After a few small skirmishes with the Roman Federation, the two royal families have agreed to cease hostilities and typically act in each others best interest.

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