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This alliance merged to become part of Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics.

Merger occurred on/around 23/02/2014
Ultra Alliance
Terran Empire Protectorate


Ultra Alliance Logo
UA Motto: Help the weak become strong!
Team Color Green team Green
Founder(s) Arnold
Founded 19/12/2012
  • Triumvir of Financial Affairs


  • Triumvir of War and Defence


  • Triumviri of Internal Affairs

Great Brits

  • Chief Advisor
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of 20/02/2014

Total Nations 15
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 12,575
Nukes 45
Aid Efficiency 20 / 71 (28.17%)
Score 1.11
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The Ultra Alliance is a peaceful alliance. Our motto is "Help the weak become strong!" for a reason. We wish to get rid of the strong/weak nation divide in the Ultra Alliance and influence outsiders follow our ideas. The Ultra Alliance was founded on 19/10/2012. For more information visit the Ultra Alliance Wiki.

More Information

Xander420 joined the Ultra Alliance on the 12/09/2013. He brought strength, wealth and knowledge to the Ultra Alliance. Promising that he will never leave, Xander420 became the Ultranian Defence Minister of September 2013. Xander420 will be the Ultra Alliance's main technology buyer until other members are able to do them. The Ultra Alliance should grow at the speed of light beacuse of Xander420. darknation66 is and was a massive help in recruitment and served as a Recruitment Minister in September. He was the best Recruitment Minister that the UA has ever had.


As of the 30/11/2013, the Ultra Alliance had a government reform as democracy was not working. Arnold, Xander420 and Great Brits decided to remove elections for leadership and turn the Ultra Alliance into a Triumvirate. Arnold took the role of the Triumvir of Internal Affairs and Finance. Xander420 took the role of the Triumvir of War and Defence. Great Brits took the role of the Triumvir of External Affairs. The Triumviri decided to create a new charter that was completed on the 30/11/2013. <p>

History of Existence

The Ultra Alliance celebrated a year of existence on the 19/10/2013.

On the 23/02/2014, the Ultra Alliance merged with the Roman Empire and International Commonwealth of Nations to form the Sovereign Coalition of Allied Republics (SCAR).

International relationsEdit

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