USS Enterprise
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ENT Official Flag
Team Color File:Multi team.gif Multi
Founder(s) Ishmael, Sturm Soldat, Necromancer V4L
Founded 65174.3
Captain Ishmael
First Officer Sturm Soldat
Second Officer Necromancer V4L
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  • IRC: #CNEnterprise

Charter Of the USS Enterprise Edit

We do not condone criminal acts by any nation against another or an alliance.

We believe that EZI is an immoral and unjust sentence.

       -> Its use violates the basic rights of every nation.
       -> All beings in this Universe have the basic right to live, regardless of their crimes.

As long as you continue to imprison and murder the nations of this world:

       We will defy you.

No nation or alliance should impose EZI.

No nation or alliance should act without a fair trial.

Any nation may join by requesting membership on our forums.

       ->All who share our cause may work alongside us, regardless of their AA.

Signed, The First Crew of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701-D)----
Star Date - 65174.3----

Captain, Ishmael of The Menagerie

First Officer, Sturm Soldat of Oersberd

Second Officer, Necromancer V4L of The Land of Eld

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