Merge sign Merge notice
This alliance merged to become part of the Majestic Order of Orange Nations.

Merger occurred on/around January 24, 2008
More info is available here.

UNION Official Flag
Team Color Orange team Orange
Founder(s) The Studdly Jew, William The Awesome, Chaz1049, Kream, Pyronne.
Founded 12/03/06



(Minister of War)

(Minister of Foreign Affairs)

(Minister of Finance)

(Minister of Internal Affairs)

AllianceStats Statistics as of 11/04/07

Total Nations 92
Strength 798,220
Avg. Strength 8,676
Nukes 24
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UNION formerly known as The New Eastern European Alliance (TNEEA), is an alliance that resided in the Orange Team trading sphere. That is built on honour and loyalty.

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