Third Battle of Aldebaran
Part of the Third Midwayan Civil War
Date July 27, 2011 - July 28, 2011
Location Aldebaran, Union of Midway

Political tensions between protesters boil into armed conflict

Status Ended; Sturmabteilung victory, Sturmabteilung forms the Greater Midwayan Empire.
MidwayFlag Union of Midway
MidwayFlag Union Resistance
RedFrontFlag Red Front Parteiadler der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (1933–1945) Sturmabteilung
MidwayFlag Zabuza825
MidwayFlag Hua Enlai
MidwayFlag Franz Seidler
RedFrontFlag Kazuo Ichida*
RedFrontFlag Mao Wang Yim*
Parteiadler der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (1933–1945) Hermann Klintzsch
Parteiadler der Nationalsozialistische Deutsche Arbeiterpartei (1933–1945) Hans Altdorfer
150,210 (Midwayan Government)
150,000+ (Union Resistance)
2,000-3,000 50,000
Casualties and losses
20,021 killed
188 injured
15,023 killed
207 injured
2,782 killed
41 injured
1,532 killed
11 injured
* = Surrendered

The Third Battle of Aldebaran is the first conflict in the Third Midwayan Civil War, and the third conflict to take place in the Midwayan capitol of Aldebaran. This conflict followed protests over the July 27 incident, in which the people accused the government of backstabbing the United States of JBR. Political tensions between these protesters erupted into armed conflict very quickly, which started the battle.

Beginning: July 27Edit

At the beginning of the battle the government quickly acted, and began winning the battle. The Red Front and the Union Resistance began suffering heavy casualties. Then, near midnight, the Red Front, which had been nearly obliterated, announced it's surrender to government troops. The leaders of the Red Front were set to be tried the day after the battle ended. Around the same time, the Union Resistance ordered a retreat to areas where there are large amounts of supporters for the Union Resistance. This left the only belligerents as the Nazi Sturmabteilung, and the government.

End of the Battle: July 28Edit

The Nazis then began using guerrilla tactics on government troops, which proved to be extremely effective. As the morale of the government troops fell, the morale of the Sturmabteilung rose. After much needed supplies were all robbed by the Nazis, the government deemed that continuing the battle any longer would only hurt the troops physically and mentally, and ordered a retreat.


After the battle the Nazis declared the Greater Midwayan Empire as the successor to the Union of Midway, and began setting up a government modeled after Nazi Germany. The Union Resistance retreated into areas of the Far Eastern Territory, and the Red Front had effectively lost the Third Midwayan Civil War. The government of the Union of Midway was forced to relocate to the Eastern Province of Midway, as the Nazis gained control over the Province of Sand Island.

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