The Templar Knights
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Flag of The Templar Knights

TTK Official Flag

TTK War Flag
Team Color Maroon team Maroon
Founder(s) Kernwaffen
Founded July 17, 2006, 06:59:48 PM
Maroon Senate Northern Empire
International relations See below

AllianceStats Statistics as of June 27th 2015

Total Nations 48
Strength 2,940,319
Avg. Strength 61,257
Nukes 660
Aid Efficiency 127 / 278 (45.68%)
Rank 43
Score 11.78
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Led and created by experienced members, The Templar Knights' main focus is on defending our members as well as helping them grow to their full potential. All member nations will be able to access our aid system as well as get directions and advice on how to grow their nation. Looking forward to having good relations with other alliances, we will aim to protect and serve our members.

Current governmentEdit

Grand Master

  • Merick

Marshal of Recruiting

  • Double B

Marshal of Defense

  • Rustikus

Marshal of Foreign Affairs

  • Riker

Marshal of Members

Elder Councilors

  • Konstantine
  • King Irwin
  • TheSlamAnderson


  • mongose
  • Chuck
  • Hawkeye
  • lolatyou


Main article: Charter of The Templar Knights

On April 10, 2010 the Templar Knights announced that they had ratified the second form of their charter which is still in place today. It took several months with a few revisions before it was finally settled upon and announced on the OWF.

The charter in under review and revisions are being planned as of October 2014.


After the First Great War a group of noble warriors from both sides of the conflict, disillusioned with the politics and endemic warfare abounding in the Cyberverse, came together in April 2006 to form a new, neutral alliance – The Templar Knights. TTK remained neutral until the Maroon War , joining the Maroon Allied Forces. Neutrality was further pushed back when TTK joined GUARD in February 2007. Today, TTK is no longer a neutral alliance, and has fought in most recent major wars.

War historyEdit

Equilibrium War NG, GOONS, ODN, TLR, and INT Victory

International relationsEdit

Blocs of The Templar Knights
Bloc Type Bloc signatories(s) Status Founded/Joined
Chestnut Accords MDP bloc RIA, GOD, CRAP Active Dec 27, 2008
Solidarity Pact for an Allied Maroon ODAP bloc RIA, GOD, CRAP, USN Active April 25, 2008
Maroon Economic Pact ODP bloc RIA, GOD, CRAP, USN Active Dec 27, 2008

Active Treaties of The Templar Knights
Treaty Type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
GOD-TTK Treaty MDoAP Flag of the Global Order of Darkness Global Order of Darkness Active April 20, 2008
The Shield Brothers Pact (link) MDoAP Flag of CRAP Coalition of Royal Allied Powers Active Oct 9, 2010
Sparta-TTK MDoAP (link) MDoAP Flag of Sparta Sparta Active Feb 17, 2012
The GUARD Treaty v2 (link) MDoAP Nadc newflag2 North Atlantic Defense Coalition Active Dec 6, 2012
An Invicta-TTK Treaty (link) MDoAP Flag of Invicta Invicta Active June 22, 2014
The Templar Knights and Old Guard (link) MDP Og Old Guard Active July 23, 2013
USN-TTK Non-Aggression Pact NAP Usnflag2copy United Sovereign Nations Active Jan 13, 2007
TTK-RIA Non-Aggression Pact NAP RIA Random Insanity Alliance Active Oct 20, 2006
Templars Sitting aRound the Table (link) ODoAP Kortflag Knights of the Round Table Active September 29, 2013
Making Friends in Unexpected Places (link) ODoAP Flag of ODN Orange Defense Network Active February 24, 2014
Light of the World (link) ODP Flag of SUNv2 State_of_Unified_Nations_(2nd) Active November 25, 2015
Defunct Treaties of The Templar Knights
The GUARD Treaty v1 (link) MDP Nadc newflag2 North Atlantic Defense Coalition Upgraded May 26, 2012
With Honor Comes Templars (link) ODoAP Db4dflag Death Before Dishonor Disbanded Nov 13, 2012
Knights Riding on Eagles (link) MDoAP TLR FLAGWIKI The Last Republic Merged into TTK June 27, 2013
Holy Knights of the Cross-X Pact v2 MDoAP MCXA Flag Multicolored Cross-X Alliance Merged into SNX Aug 19, 2012
Templar Protectorate Announcement (link) Protectorate Zulu Flag Zulu Empire Disbanded December 21, 2012
Templar Protectorate Announcement (link) Protectorate Placeholder Flag Unita Societatem Cancelled June 3, 2012
GLOF - TTK PIAT (link) PIAT Flag of GLOF Grand Lodge of Freemasons Cancelled April 9, 2008
CSN-TTK MDoAP Treaty MDoAP CSN Commonwealth of Sovereign Nations Disbanded July 29, 2008
Mechanized Cavalry (link) MDoAP ApparatusPeace The Apparatus Disbanded Aug 24, 2012
TTK get a peace of the ROK (link) ODP RoKFlag Ragnarok Disbanded July 11, 2011

Former blocsEdit

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