The Polesotechnic League

The Polesotechnic League Official Flag
The Polesotechnic League Motto: All the traffic will bear.
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Louisa
Founded 9/11/2009

Great Divine Burkaninja

International relations
  • friends of all
  • benefactors of most

AllianceStats Statistics as of 11/15/2009

Total Nations 1
Strength 33.000
Avg. Strength 33.000
Nukes 0
Score 0.01
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The Polesotechnic League is a black team alliance that was founded September 11, 2009.

General Info Edit

  • In brief: surely the loveliest, most funnest, happiest, nicest Alliance ever founded on Black since the unfortunate events of the Unjust War.
  • In toto: much the same, only better and funner. Read On, Macduff!

So You Want to Know the Deal? Edit

Well, what follows can only only be described as mindblowing in its beautiful simplicity, so lifechanging that stronger Bobians than you have been known to turn around in confusion and run screaming for the hills, never to look back.

The stated goal of the Polesotechnic League is to facilitate technological advancements of friendly entities, while neglecting our own development. This means that by Our Sacred Mystic Bylaws (article pending), a member may not spend money on anything except bills and the purchase of the 50 standard-sized units of technology required to fulfill mercantile deals with friendly nations and alliances.

Oh, Still Want to Join, Do You? Edit

Tough luck, then, as the Polesotechnic League operates pretty much as that extradimensional entity rumoured to be based on a nearby lunar body (until the god thereof failed to pay his bill and oops the space-time continuum imploded).

In short, then: no, you cannot join. This is a Dictatorship with closed admissions, and that is not likely to change in the foreseeable future. (The cold truth, of course, is that you are simply not amusing enough to join, but to spare your feelings us burkaninjas decided to toss out the above explanation.)

Vellum for the Accountant God Edit

Forming, as it were, a brief Histoire of our most esteemed alliance:

  • 9/11/2009 -- the divine inspiration having been granted, said flag transformed into that of the Polesotechnic League overnight, and technological wholesale operations were initiated.
  • 11/12/2009 -- faced with the threat of "join us or be attacked" from the no doubt highly treasured alliance of Triton, the alliance voted to respond with a hearty "XD" and lo! it was good.
  • 11/15/2009 -- one of the above sentence fragments is hereby shown to be a partial, but willful, misrepresentation of fact, in that the flag itself (as apart from the alliance affiliation) only now came into use.

You Know Something I Don't? Edit

Well, then contact the Great Divine Burkaninja and pass on the good news. Do not (please!) mishandle this rather pretty article without consultation, preferably with great big dollops of advice and encouragement slathered on top, like some big birthday ca- er.... thing.

So, does this still count as a

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