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The Phoenix Federation
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Flag of The Phoenix Federation

TPF War Flag
War Flag of The Phoenix Federation
TPF Motto: "Acta Non Verba!" - Act, Dont talk.
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) COLD & TotalFarkistan

Evil Overlord: HailSatan

Evil Underlord: TBD
Other Officials

Magistrate of War: Leeguy
Magistrate of FA: Hictok
"Magistrate of IA: Grabem
Retired,not dead: Admir

Retired,not dead: grahamkeatley

AllianceStats Statistics as of March 15, 2015

Total Nations 60
Strength 5,087,403
Avg. Strength 84,790
Nukes 1,340
Rank 26
Score 19.19
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Information and HistoryEdit

The Phoenix Federation is a white team alliance formed on June 4, 2007 as the result of a merger between TotalFarkistan! and Coalition of Legendary Defence.

For a more detailed history, please see the History of TPF.


The Phoenix Federation is currently governed under the structure and policies of the Fifth Charter of The Phoenix Federation. For the previous version of the TPF charter, please see the Fourth Charter of The Phoenix Federation.


International RelationsEdit

Current TreatiesEdit

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