This alliance has disbanded as of June 2012.
The Philosophers
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) The Joker King
Founded 2/25/2010

The Boss

Other Officials

The Wiseman's Committee

  • 1st Chair: Gabuyhou
  • 2nd Chair:
  • 3rd Chair:
  • 4th Chair:
  • 5th Chair:
  • 6th Chair:
  • 7th Chair:
  • 8th Chair:
  • 9th Chair:
  • 10th Chair:
  • 11th Chair:
  • 12th Chair:

AllianceStats Statistics as of October 25, 2011

Total Nations 2
30-day net loss
Avg. Strength 7,424
Score 0.09
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The Philosophers was a small alliance on the Black sphere. It was founded on 2/25/2010 by the Joker King after he was unfortunately attacked in the Sparta purges. He founded it vowing that no person shall go through the same thing he did. It was unfortunately defunct as of around June 2012.


The Joker King Era: (2/25/10- Around June 2012)

Beginning Period: (2/25/10-11/11/10)

February 25, 2010- The Philosophers are founded by The Joker King, who later became The 1st Boss of The Philosophers.

March 11, 2010- Gabuyhou is appointed to The Wisemen's Committee in the 1st chair. He is the first member of The Philosophers to hold the position of Wiseman.

July 26, 2010- The Philosophers, ST Alliance, and Alliance of people who hate jeffl ban together and form the Mutual Defense Pact.

August 23, 2010- Gabuyhou is tech raided by a member of the prkle alliance. The Joker King retaliates against this raid, which in turn begins the Philosopher-prkle War.

August 24, 2010- The Joker King is attacked by prkle, after attempting to defend Gabuyhou. The Philosophers declared full scale war against the alliance of prkle.

August 26, 2010- The war against prkle ends in peace. prkle disbands soon after.

October 27, 2010- The Alliance of people who hate jeffl leave the MDP. Only ST Alliance and The Philosophers are left.

November 11, 2010- The Rough Draft of The Philosopher's Creed is finished by The Joker King.

Pre-Ratification Period: (11/11/10-Around June 2012)

November 12, 2010- The Philosopher's Creed is approved by The Joker King and Gabuyhou. It yet needs to be ratified.

December 23, 2010- Gabuyhou sets up the IRC channel #thephilosophers.

February 14, 2011- The MDP between The Philosophers and ST Alliance ended.

March 14, 2011- Formetoknow is appointed to the Wisemen's Committee in the 2nd chair.

May 17, 2011- Formetoknow is removed from the Wisemen's Committee due to inactivity.

Around June 2012- The Philosophers have become Defunct.

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