United Republic of Nations
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This alliance has changed its name.

It is now known as United Republic of Nations.
The change took place as of October 24, 2013.
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The Outlaws Republic
Flag of TORv2

TOR Official Flag
TOR Motto: Family. Brotherhood. Outlaws.
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) United Republic of Nations
Founded May 23, 2011 as URoN
May 30, 2012 as TOR

The Original Outlaw

The Enforcer

The Mercenary

The Treasurer

The Messenger

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AllianceStats Statistics as of November 6, 2012

Total Nations 16
Strength 363,510
Avg. Strength 22,719
Nukes 115
Aid Efficiency 38 / 83 (45.78%)
Rank 120
Score 1.65
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The Outlaws Republic (TOR) is a small alliance on the white trading sphere. The Outlaws Republic was originally founded as the United Republic of Nations on May 23, 2011.[1] A year later on May 30, 2012 they changed their name to The Outlaws Republic with a Wild West theme.[2] TOR are currently a member of the Sons of Anarchy, an Anarchy Inc sponsored Defense and Development bloc.


URoN historyEdit

Since their founding as the United Republic of Nations they were a part of the Blood For Friends protectorate bloc called The Goonies. During the Grudge War as URoN they declared war on The Last Republic with their bloc-mates in Paragon.[3] The Last Republic surrendered in early to the combined forces of FEAR, Paragon, URoN, NEW, and Wolfpack on January 1, 2012.[4] Their first war was a victory.

TOR historyEdit

After URoN changed their name to The Outlaws Republic in May 2012, BFF reiterated their protection of TOR. Later in the year BFF alliances Europa, FEAR, Wolfpack and TLK merged to for the BFF alliance and once again, protection of TOR was announced as a treaty carried over after the merger. The protectorate status was given a formal treaty on September 26, 2012 with the signing of The Treaty of Something Witty.[5]

The Outlaw DoctrineEdit

Leadership StructureEdit

The Original Outlaw Holds the term for life or until resignation. The Original Outlaw shall hold the final authority over all matters regarding declarations of war, approval of peace terms, foreign relations and internal affairs decisions. The Original Outlaw shall hold the authority to appoint the Enforcer, which is the second in command of the alliance.

The Enforcer: Second in Command of the alliance, appointed by The Original Outlaw for life or until resignation, or until removal by the Original Outlaw for failure to perform the duties of an Enforcer. The Enforcer shall ensure the laws and rules of the alliance are followed without question by all alliance members. The Enforcer may veto any new proposed laws, excluding those passed by the Original Outlaw. The Enforcer is responsible for helping the Original Outlaw in weekly evaluations of government positions, and assisting the Original Outlaw with other internal and external matters as necessary.

The Mercenary: Head of defense and other military operations of the alliance. The Mercenary is elected by a 60% vote of the membership.

The Treasurer: Is in charge of internal growth of the alliance. The Tresurer position is elected by a 60% vote of the membership and shall hold the position for a term of 3 months. The Treasurer is Responsible for introducing new members to the ideals of the alliance, for assisting in the establishment of tech deals and trade agreements, and for the further economic and educational development of individual members. The Treasurer shall have the authority to keep the Alliance Membership informed of all recommendations for the growth of individual nations and the alliance as a whole by any means necessary and available.

The Messenger: Responsible for maintaining embassies and communication between alliances. The Messenger shall assist the Original Outlaw in other matters regarding foreign affairs as needed. The Messenger is elected by a 60% vote of the membership.

Renegades: Renegades are the standard membership of the alliance.

Rules Of The Outlaws RepublicEdit

  1. No nation that is a member of The Outlaws Republic may declare war on another nation without prior approval from The Original Outlaw.
  1. When a council member of The Outlaws Republic asks you to do something, you do it. If however you feel that the order is wrong, you can send your complaints to higher government members or the The Original Outlaw directly.
  1. A nation applying to join our alliance that is in a war must peace out of the wars that they are involved in before an application can be accepted. Also the nation that is in a war when an application is submitted may not in no way put The Outlaws Republic in their alliance affiliation while they are waiting to peace out of a war so applications can be accepted.
  1. Spying on other nations is prohibited unless stated otherwise by the Original Outlaw.
  1. Tech raiding nations is prohibited unless granted by the The Original Outlaw or The Enforcer.
  1. Sharing information with another alliance or nation is prohibited unless otherwise stated to do so by The Original Outlaw.
  1. It is recommended that the forums be visited often to make sure the membership stays caught up on the current events of the alliance.

War historyEdit

War Enemies Outcome Campaign Medal
Grudge War TLR FLAGWIKI The Last Republic Victory TBA
Equilibrium War Flag of Viridian Entente Viridian Entente Victory TBA


Treaty Name/Link Treaty type Treaty Partner(s) Status Signed
Sons of Anarchy Protectorate bloc Anarchyinc Ai SE1 SE Tene TENE Active Nov 9, 2012
The Treaty of Something Witty Protectorate Blood For Friends alliance-flag Blood For Friends (alliance) Cancelled Sep 26, 2012
Outlaws & Steampunks MnDoAP ApparatusPeace The Apparatus Active Aug 24, 2012
The Goonies Protectorate bloc Blood For Friends alliance-flag Blood For Friends (bloc) Defunct May 23, 2011
Outlaws Bootlegging With Pirates ODoAP Flag of PPO Pirates of the Parrot Order Active Dec 23, 2012

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