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This alliance has disbanded.

SUS Official Flag

The War Flag of TOS
SUS Motto: To The death
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) Lord Waqor
Founded Round 17
International relations Register and Request Embassy
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Spartacus is a Cyber Nations Tournament Edition alliance on the Purple sphere. It started out in Round 17.

Background InfoEdit

Spartacus is a CN:TE alliance that was founded in Round 17. Its members are mainly from the Standard Cyber Nations alliance: Nebula-X.

Structure and Laws of GovernmentEdit

There are very few members of the Spartacus governing body.

Ruling Circle

Prime Minister: Lord Waqor

Deputy Minister: Alex0827a

Minister of War: alex10


The aim of TOS is to support our most powerful member to victory, there will be no helping weaklings no matter what. Raiding the most powerful member in your NS range is the only way to the top.

Membership Requirements

1. Applicants in wars at the time of their application will be accepted if their opponents are not in other alliances.

2. Applicants must not be a member of another alliance.

3. Applicants do not change alliance in-game until they have been contacted by a member of the government and answered their questions in private. These answers are required.

4. The applicant must be told to change alliance affiliation before doing so.

5. All applicants are required to place the phrase in their nation’s bio: Spartacus:- To the Death!

Foreign AffairsEdit

We are always open to treaties. Diplomats are always welcome.

Message from Spartacus governmentEdit

Spartacus is an alliance which aims to become a great political party in the CN TE Universe. 'To The Death' is our motto. This can be achieved by fast growth and bold actions in war. WE ARE WAR MONGERS.

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