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Nordland (Nordlandic)
The Northlands
National Flag
"Morality quod Verum supremus totus" (Latin)
(English: "Morality and Truth above all.")
National Anthem
Nunarput utoqqarsuanngoravit
("You Our Ancient Land")
Capital Noordenwind
Largest City Brussels
Official languagess Nordlandic
Recognized regional languages Dutch,French
Demonym Northlander (English)
Government Unitary parliamentary republic
- Head of State King William IV
- Head of Government Alejandro Californian
National Animal Polar Bear
Total Area km²
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
31,116,045 (2014)
Currency Northlandic Guilder (NLG)
Literacy Rate 100%
Internet TLD .nl
Driving Lane Right
Date Format dd-mm-yyyy, mm-dd-yyyy,
and yyyy-mm-dd (CE)
Time Zone UTC -4 to -5
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History Edit

Brandenburg Conflict Edit

On July 6th, 2014, Alvonia invaded the nation of Brandenburg during Operation Honey Sun to ostensibly remove ultranationalists from the government. Although not directly allied, the Northlands chose to support Brandenburg and opposed the Alvonian incursion. The Brandenburg nation collapsed however hostilities between Alvonia and the Northlands commenced on July 24th, with fighting in the German states of Brandenburg and Saxony. Shooting from both sides as well as a naval battle in the Baltic Sea occurred. The fighting concluded on August 4th with the withdrawal of Alvonian forces from the Free German Protectorate as outlined in a mutually brokered agreement.


Schleswig-Holstein and Northlandic Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, the remaining regions of the Free German Protectorate, were officially annexed by the Northlands. The north German lands were incorporated as four provinces, providing coastal access to the Baltic Sea. Sverige and the Northlands agreed to joint administration of the Kiel Canal.

On September 1st, various island holdings in the Pacific were officially incorporated as a province of the Northlands. Around the same time, the government in Iceland collapsed, leading to its inclusion as a protectorate of the Northlands.

Geography Edit

Politics Edit

The Northlands is ruled by a central government located in Noordenwind. The state itself is composed of the Kingdoms of Spain, Germany and the Northlands. These Kingdoms are mainly ceremonial and reflect related cultural groups and peoples within the nation, though they maintain some local administrative duties and are used to elect representatives to the Council of the People.

Kingdom of the Northlands Edit

Provinces Edit

The Kingdom of the Northlands is divided into 24 provinces, two special districts, and four dependent territories. Twenty three of these provinces are commonly referred to as the Continental Northlands and are located in the former lands of the Netherlands, Belgium, and Luxembourg. The other province is the Pacific Realm consisting of several island chains in the Pacific.

Territories Edit

The four dependent territories are Gibraltar, Faroe Islands, Pitcairn Islands, and South Atlantic Territory. The former was governed by agreement between the Northlands and Portugal until the collapse of the Portuguese state. The South Atlantic Territory is composed of Ascension, St. Helena, and Tristan da Cunha islands.

Kingdom of Germany Edit

Sixteen provinces form the basis of the Kingdom of Germany, which is located on the North Sea coast and northwest of the former German state. The island of Rugen, separated from the rest of the Kingdom, is part of the Mecklenberg province and is the eastern most point of the Northlands in Europe.

Kingdom of Spain Edit

Unlike the other two Kingdoms, Spain is composed of four autonomous communities and one province, Madeira. Autonomous communities are allowed greater autonomy than provinces, and these rights are enshrined in fueros charters granted by royal decree to each community. The Kingdom of Spain is located on the southern coast of the Iberian peninsula, in addition to the Baleares and Madeira islands.

National Protectorates Edit

Beyond land formally recognized as an integral part of the Northlands, it oversees various protectorates that are largely independent although protected by the Northlands. The Northlands is responsible for the defense and foreign policy of protectorates and acts as stewards for the people and land until such a point when a new nation is formed within the protectorate.

The Northlands currently maintains protectorates in the Azores, Canary Islands, and Faro District. These protectorates are politically separate from South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands, Prince Edward Islands, and South Africa, which are jointly administered through the Economic Security Pact.

Provinces Capital Largest City Population Area (km²)
Drenthe Assen Assen 489,0772,680
Flevoland Lelystad Almere 399,6732,412
Friesland Leeuwarden Leeuwarden 646,3545,529
Gelderland Arnhem Nijmegen 2,019,2965,136
Groningen Groningen Groningen 582,8462,960
Limburg Maastricht Maastricht 1,121,0212,209
North Brabant 's-Hertogenbosch Eindhoven 2,479,0455,082
North Holland Haarlem Amsterdam 2,739,0324,091
Overijssel Zwolle Enschede 1,139,6353,421
South Holland The Hague Rotterdam 3,575,4513,419
Utrecht Utrecht Utrecht 1,252,2331,449
Zeeland Middelburg Middelburg 380,7832,933
Antwerp Antwerpen Antwerpen 1,764,7732,860
Lower Limburg Hasselt Hasselt 844,6212,414
Flemish Brabant Leuven Leuven 1,086,4462,106
East Flanders Ghent Ghent 1,445,8312,982
West Flanders Bruges Bruges 1,164,9673,151
Hainaut Mons Charleroi 1,317,2843,800
Walloon Brabant Wavre Braine-l'Alleud 382,8661,093
Namur Namur Namur 476,8353,664
Liege Liege Liege 1,077,2033,844
Belgian Luxembourg Arlon Arlon 271,3524,443
Luxembourg-Duchy Luxembourg Luxembourg 549,6802,586
Balearic Islands Palma Palma 1,106,0494,992
Madeira Funchal Funchal 267,785801
Pacific Realm Suva Suva 1,243,73535,787
Mecklenburg Schwerin Schwerin 536,4387,923
Holstein Kiel Kiel 1,332,3695,755
Lubeck-Lauenburg Lubeck Lubeck 632,5292,243
Schleswig Schleswig Flensburg 841,6337,765
Territories Capital Largest City Population Area (km²)
Faroe Islands Tórshavn Tórshavn 49,7091,399
Gibraltar Gibraltar Gibraltar 30,0017
South Atlantic Territory Jamestown Half Tree Hollow 7,729397
Pitcairn Islands Adamstown Adamstown 5647
Special District Area (km²) Population
Noordenwind 220634,344
Brussels 1611,138,854

Government Edit

Foreign Affairs Edit

Multinational Alliances & Treaties Edit

Economy Edit

Military Edit

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