Die Medra (de)
Medraland (is)
The Maradas
National Flag
"Mai die Medra behalten Frieden" (German)
(English: "May the Maradas retain Peace")
National Anthem: Die Medränisch Song
("The Maradasi Song")

Royal Anthem: der Königin Hymne
("The Queen's Hymn")
Capital Kältehafen
Official languagess German
Recognized regional languages Icelandic
Demonym Medrä (de)
Madarasi (official), Madarasian (unofficial) (en)
Government Constitutional Monarchy
- Monarch Königin Viktoria
- Prime Minister Elias König
- Mæt Kingdom
- German Occupation
- Independence (the Maradas)

c. 1018CE
August 27, 1292
December 31, 2009
Major Religions Christianity (de facto)
National Animal Falcon
Total Area 17.840km²
Currency Maradasi Dollar (MX$)
Literacy Rate 97%
Internet TLD .mx
Driving Lane left
Time Zone GMT
The Maradas Portal

The Maradas (German: Die Medra, Icelandic: Medraland) is a sovereign state situated on the Iceland Island. It spans 17.840 km² across the southern part of the island, and it's capital city is Kältehafen.

The Maradas is a constitutional monarchy and federation consisting of two states (Übegestaat and Neumedrastaat) and one federal territory (Kältehafen Haupstadt Bundesterritorium). It is governed by a Parliamentary System with its seat of government in Kältehafen, the capital.

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