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The Legion
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Legion Official Flag

Secondary Flag for use in times of war or mourning

Imperator Seal
The Legion Coat of Arms
Legion Motto: Unity is Strength
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) Great Britain
Founded January 31, 2006
Imperator of the Legion -
Other Officials
Inspector General - Pyroponce
Purple Senate
The God of Lightning
Tom the Pit Leader
Regent Pancras

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 11th, 2019

Total Nations 97
Strength 5,069,888
Avg. Strength 52,267
Nukes 895
Rank 8
Score 27.34
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The Legion is an influential purple sphere alliance founded on January 31, 2006 by Great Britain. The Legion is heavily influenced by the Roman Empire, taking from it different titles and its processes for governance. As of October 15, 2015, The Legion regained its sanctioned status.

Legion News

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  • November 7, 2018 Pyroponce succeeds Firkinvald as Inspector General after winning the election by 1 vote.

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Government & Politics

The Legion Government is headed by the Imperator of the Legion, who serves as chief executive. The government is organized into the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Economics, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Consuls oversee their respective consulate and implement overall alliance policy. There are two consuls: the Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs and the Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs. Two elected Imperator Emeriti fill the remaining seats in the Consulate.


Main article: Charter of the Legion

The Legion's Charter is the governing document of the Legion. It specifies governmental structure and the branches' respective powers including executive, legislative, and judicial. The Legion's Charter may be amended through government proposals that carry a super-majority of membership approval. The current Charter represents the fourth major revision to the original Legion Charter first established approximately February 2006.

Previous Governments

Main article: Government of the Legion

The Cabinet served as the executive governing body of The Legion from February 2006 to November 2007. The Cabinet was composed of the following officers:

  • Prime Minister
  • Deputy Prime Minister
  • Foreign Minister
  • Minister of Defense
  • Home Minister

The Consulate served as the executive governing body of The Legion from December 2007 to April 2009. The Consulate was composed of the following officers:

  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of Economics
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Internal Affairs
  • Speaker of the House

The Consulate served as the executive governing body of The Legion from April 2009 to 2015. The Consulate was composed of the following officers:

  • Proconsul
  • Minister of Defense
  • Minister of Economics
  • Minister of Foreign Affairs
  • Minister of Internal Affairs

The Imperator is the current chief executive of The Legion beginning 2015 to the present. The sovereign government is composed of the following Charter-defined officers:

  • Imperator
  • Consul of Defense and Foreign Affairs
  • Consul of Internal and Economic Affairs
  • 2 elected Imperator Emeriti


Main article: The Rise, Fall, and Rebirth of the Legion

Founded in January 2006, the Legion is the oldest purple sphere alliance and one of the oldest in Cyber Nations. At its height, the Legion was home to more than 1,600 nations and was a military superpower. The Legion has endured numerous trials and tribulations best summarized by a rise, fall and rebirth of the alliance. The Legion is one of only several alliances to survive a disbandment crisis despite a dramatic loss of members.

Historic Conflicts

The Prussian War Legion vs. The Prussians Legion Victory Prussianwar
Second Polar War NPO, Legion, and GATO vs. NAAC Legion Victory NAACWW3small
Warpstorm War Legion, NPO, NpO, and GATO vs. Warpstorm Alliance Legion Victory Wsawar
First Great War CoaLUEtion vs. Coalition of Justice CoaLUEtion Victory Onedaywar
Third Great War Aegis vs. The Initiative Initiative Victory Gw3
Dove War Legion and the Global Mutual Defense Group vs. The Initiative Initiative Victory Valhallawar
The Unjust War ~ vs. The Unjust Highway ~ Victory Gw4
Universalis-Poseidon War Poseidon vs. Universalis and Vanguard Poseidon Victory Poseidonuniwar
Karma War The Hegemony vs. Karma Karma Victory Legionkarma
Second Unjust War The Remnants vs. SuperComplaints SuperComplaints Victory Secondunjustwar
Doom House-NPO War Doom House vs. NPO Doom House Victory LegionDoomhouseMedal
Legion-Tetris War Legion vs. Tetris, NSO, NsO, IAA, BTA Legion Victory Tetrismedal
Dave War Legion, NADC, CCC, CRAP, TSI vs. TLK, ODN, BFF, GATO, BN ODN and Allies Victory Dave war
Equilibrium War Equilibrium vs. Competence Equilibrium Victory Equilibriumwar
Disorder War Legion vs. NPO, Ai, SNAFU, tJL Victory Orderonorder war

Foreign Relations


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