The Last Remnants
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TLR Official Flag
TLR Motto: War. War never changes.
Team Color Maroon team Maroon
Founded June 19, 2011

AllianceStats Statistics as of August 20, 2013

Total Nations 98
Strength 4,291,685
Avg. Strength 43,793
Nukes 1,277
Aid Efficiency 165/564 (29.26%)
Rank 28
Score 17.29
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The Last Remnants (TLR) is a formerly sanctioned Maroon (formerly multi-colored and Aqua) alliance formed as a result of a merger of Athens, Greenland Republic and =LOST=. On March 1, 2012 the Open Source Alliance merged into TLR.

Announcements from TLREdit

June 19, 2011 Athens, GR and =LOST= merge to form TLR [1]
June 20, 2011 TLR and Non Grata sign an ODoAP [2]
June 26, 2011 TLR passes new legislation regarding "tech raiding" [3]
July 31, 2011 TLR and NG upgrade their ODoAP to MDoAP [4]
September 2, 2011 TLR announces new government [5]
September 18, 2011 TLR and New Pacific Order sign an ODP [6]
September 18, 2011 TLR and Olympus sign a ODoAP [7]
December 5, 2011 TLR Declares War upon Farkistan [8]
December 12, 2011 TLR, VE and NG Declare War upon The Apparatus [9]
January 2, 2012 The Apparatus and various other alliances admit Defeat to the TLR and friends [10]
January 21, 2012 Farkistan and FAN admit Defeat to the Avenger Coalition [11]
March 15, 2012 TLR and the International sign an MDoAP [12]



Current GovernmentEdit


Kestral Elorian Hombre de Murcielago

International RelationsEdit


War historyEdit

War history of The Last Remnants
War Opponents Dates Outcome
Grudge War Fark 11/5/2011 — 1/22/2012 Victory
Dave War R&R, Fark 6/18/2012 — 8/7/2012 Victory
Equilibrium War Equilibrium (war coalition) 1/24/2013 — 3/26/2013 Defeat
Disorder War DOD, Sengoku, VE, IRON, Argent 11/14/13 — 2/2/14 Defeat

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