The Hillbilly Coalition
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THC Official Flag
Team Color Purple team Purple
Founder(s) Rattlehead and Shavar
Founded September 1, 2016
President Rattlehead
Vice President Shavar
Directors Thom98 (Military), Taeriel (Finance), Zeus74 (Recruitment)
Notes Protected by Children of the Morrighan

AllianceStats Statistics as of 19 Aug 2016

Total Nations 14
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 11,287
Nukes 26
Aid Efficiency 40 / 66 (60.61%)
Score 1.33
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The Hillbilly Coalition (THC) is a small alliance on the purple team. It current founding date is 01 Sept 2016.


The Hillbilly Coalition (THC) is a project created by Shavar and Rattlehead in December 2015. After stumbling out the gate the alliance took a brief hiatus to regroup. It officially re-entered the planet on September 1rst, 2016.

Foreign AffairsEdit

THC is protected by Children of the Morrighan.

The Hillbilly Coalition
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