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This alliance merged to become part of Nordreich.

Merger occurred on/around June 21, 2012
The German Empire
TGECN Motto: Gott, Kaiser, Nordreich!
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) President Orff, Wilhelm I, Wilhelm von Berlin
Founded 15 July 2011
Kaiser King Tower IV of Volksland
Reichskanzler Vacant
Reichsministerium des Auswärtigen

Reichsminister, Isolde
Unterminister, Vacant

Reichsministerium für Propaganda und Volksaufklärung

Reichsminister, Vacant Unterminister, Vacant


Reichsminister, Vacant Unterminister, Vacant

Reichsministerium der Staatsangelegenheiten

Reichsminister, President Orff
Unterminister, Vacant


Reichsmarschall, Vacant

Generalfeldmarschall, Vacant
Black Senate Eigrim of Vestmark

AllianceStats Statistics as of May 22, 2012

Total Nations 31
Strength 460,590
Avg. Strength 14,858
Nukes 51
Aid Efficiency 67 / 155 (43.23%)
Rank 118
Score 2.26
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The German Empire (TGECN) was a German-themed alliance in the Black sphere, re-founded on 15 July 2011 after the previous incarnation disbanded in February. It found its basis in the assumption that the Great War was a German victory, heralding the beginning of a German Golden Age and allowing for the peaceful modernization of the Reich right into the present day. The German Empire considered itself to be different to the first incarnation, working in close association with its only treaty partner, Nordreich.


Official PoliciesEdit


From Our Constitution:
Article 11a: Raids against the Empire
The German Empire neither has time nor consideration to inquire to a host alliance when an Imperial Citizen is raided. In this instance, the full force of the German Military will be dispatched to deal with the threat. Law in effect since 9 September 2011

From Our Citizen's Code:
Article 2: Tech Raiding
The German Empire does neither endorse nor condone the practice of Tech Raiding by its citizenry. However, understanding that the practice is deeply rooted in the beliefs of some of our members, the Empire does not forbid the action.

Should any person flying an alliance affiliation belonging to The German Empire conduct a Tech Raid, it is the right and prerogative of the recipient nation to utilize any means at their disposal to respond to the attack. During the Tech Raid, The German Empire will not support the raiding nation, nor will we protect the raiding nation from harm that comes as a result of their actions. The bottom line, and in not so eloquent terms, if our member is raiding you member, feel free to annihilate them, or any stop between.

We do, however, reserve the right, to interject ourselves into the conflict if we deem the situation to be overly exaggerated, or otherwise out of hand, however we will only do so if we so choose. Should we interject ourselves, it would be merely as a mediator. Policy in effect since 15 October 2011

International RelationsEdit

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