The Galactic Empire
TGE Motto: For a just, safe and secure society.
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) Adam Suttler
Founded TBA

Emperor: Adam Suttler

Grand Moff:
Other Officials

The Imperial Inner Circle

  • Grand Admiral of the Imperial Military:
  • Administrator of the Imperial Security Bureau (ISB):
  • Head of the Imperial Diplomatic Corps:
  • Administrator of the Corporate Sector Authority (CSA):
  • Director of the Commission for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR):

AllianceStats Statistics as of 24 May 2011

Total Nations 0
No 30-day net change
Avg. Strength 0
Nukes 0
Rank 0
Score 0
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The Galactic Empire (TGE) is a work-in-progress White alliance, founded, led, and developed by Adam Suttler, a former member of such organizations as The German Empire, The Sasori Initiative, The Killer Turtle Brigade, and Colossus. The majority of the framework of the alliance is still under development, but the expected launch date is set for August 2011. At this time, there has been no formal declaration of existence, nor any motion to activate the alliance.

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