The Federation

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Team Color Maroon team Maroon

AllianceStats Statistics as of 01/17/2010

Total Nations 8
Strength 325,551
Avg. Strength 40,694
Nukes 75
Score 1.19
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The Federation was a small Maroon alliance that operates as a representative republic, much like modern Western democracies. The Federation was formed by members of The Republic, who did not approve of the merger with Sanctum that formed Atlantis. The Federation was one of the signatories of the now-defunct Confederate Forces of Maroon treaty. The Federation formally disbanded and renamed itself FALCON on 4 April 2010.


The Federation is a small, primarily Maroon alliance formed by members of The Republic, following that alliance's fracture and merger with Sanctum to form Atlantis.

The Federation is one of the few alliances in CN who actively practice a true democratic process in all matters of government, including military and foreign relations. All alliance decisions are voted upon by the entire membership, and all elected positions are voted upon on a regular basis.

All surviving members of The Federation became members of FALCON when the later alliance was created, and The Federation is now but a fond memory.

Government StructureEdit

The Federation is headed by the President and Vice President, as well as three Senators. The government also provides four Departments (Defense, State, Interior and Justice), whose heads make up the Cabinet.

With exception of the Cabinet, all government officials are popularly elected on a regular schedule. Cabinet posts are appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Senate.

Any member of the Federation in good standing may run for office when the election comes around. All members of the Federation are automatically granted voting rights in the General Assembly.

Federal ConstitutionEdit

This document, which is the basis of the entire Federation government structure, ensures all members a voice in the running of the alliance, and sovereignty over most workings of your nation.

The most current form of the document, and all amendments, may be found here.

Current Treaties and DeclarationsEdit

The Federation has been involved in treaties with several notable alliances over the past, and continues to seek out partners committed to a vision of freedom and peace.

Mutual Defense/Optional Aggression Pacts
The 57th Overlanders
The NEXUS Agreement
Terms of Amnity
Multicolored Cross-X Alliance
Treaties and Declarations
Confederate Forces of Maroon (defunct)
The ZI Peace Pact (Adopted the terms)


Traditionally, the Federation has maintained pacifistic views and has not condoned offensive warfare.

Recently, this attitude has begun to shift as The Federation takes part in the Karma-Pacifica war against Rubber Ducky Division, alongside NEXUS per The Federation's MDoAP with The 57th Overlanders.

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