The Evilistrator Elite Nations
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Hail Satan!
Team Color Black team Black
Founder(s) Blurrenza,khian morales,ComradeMongol
Other Officials

AllianceStats Statistics as of February, 2014

Total Nations 24 est.
Strength 102,000 est.
Avg. Strength 5000 est.
Nukes 21 est.
Score 1.17 est.
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The Evilistrator Elite Nations (abbreviated as TEEN) is a micro alliance who's declared home is part of the black colour sphere. TEEN was originally protected by two alliances, Screaming Red Asses and Pirates of the Parrot Order. Currently, TEEN is protected, at their request, by the New Sith Order.

TEEN was created by Blurrenza on Planet Steve on day 7 of round 27. The alliance has subsequently been brought to Planet Bob with the alliance declaring existence on October 31, 2013.

TEEN is an evil-themed alliance with TEEN full members referred to as the 'Eves'. All 'Eves' must be willing to be loyal and follow the wishes of the Supreme Overlord. The Supreme Overlord is the tree of the alliance.

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