The Empire of Hyral is a Final Fantasy Tactics reference, an obvious homage to the character Delita Hyral from that game. This trivial fact would have gone completely unnoticed by almost everyone if not mentioned here. From hereout I guess this entry has to be in character...

| In 1870AD, | Duque de Saldanha | performs a successful coup d’etat on the crumbling Portuguese government meanwhile, | notorious Sri Lankan bandit Saradiel | is captured by the British military. Reluctant to make a martyr of the hero, the British Empire sets Saradiel adrift. Fateful circumstances led to the great Saradiel landing on the shores of | Portugal, | near what was once the | city of Peniche. | Almost immediately the great Saradiel began a mercy mission, assisting the many refugees and children displaced by the coup. For the next twenty one years the great Saradiel taught his wards the Tamil language and the group grew, and managed to stay unnoticed by the Portuguese government. While taking rest in the | city of Porto | they were caught in the brutal crackdown by authorities on the republican insurrection, | many fell victim and the great Saradiel was horribly injured covering the retreat of his wards. The instability of his new home region led the great Saradiel to take the remains of his retinue into hiding. The violence ripe in the region forced the great hero to train his wards in combat, over the years the group grows into a formidable and sizable | Guerrilla force.

| By 1908 the great Saradiel had died of old age and his disciples have grown discontent with the government. | When revolutionaries rose up on January 28th | Saradiel's Guerrillas joined the cause. The military of Portugal was unable to stand up against the uprising and the Guerrillas managed to win the day. Mobilized by their victory, the rebellion worked its way towards the capital city of | Lisbon. | Before the end of winter, the dictatorship had been defeated by Saradiel's Guerrillas, who quickly imposed a new government. The indecisive government ruled as a largely benevolent dictatorship and went through many different names before finally settling on the Empire of Hyral in 2012. The capital was declared the fated city of Peniche, which was renamed Radeghast. A giant statue of the great Saradiel was erected there and remains to this day. The Current Emperor-General of the Empire of Hyral, a reclusive individual known only as Grundlecut, maintains the benevolent dictatorship set forth by their predecessors and maintains the tradition of training Guerrillas. Also, somehow the majority of the population of the country transformed into people of | Pashtun descent[|, probably some kind of| witchcraft.

| Also this page is a huge mess and I don't care about fixing it 'cause I'm barely being serious about it.

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