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Merger occurred on/around April 18, 2012
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The College of Winterhold
Protectorate of FEAR

TCW Official Flag
TCW Motto: "The College of Winterhold is built on the foundations of strength, growth, and prosperity and defines itself as not only an alliance, but as a home for all those seeking enlightenment."
Team Color White team White
Founder(s) TheApollo & Tiberius
Founded December 8th, 2011
Other Officials

The Council of Winterhold

Arch-Mage (Leader): TheApollo


  • Destruction: Baron Flynt
  • Illusion: Deebo & Crazy Crazy
  • Restoration: Erik
  • Alteration: Canik
  • Conjuration: Dark Wizard


  • All positions open, no elections held.


  • Destruction: Khaos Wolf
  • Illusion: Elder Cthulhu
  • Restoration: Moon
  • Alteration: Vacant
  • Winterhold: Steerpike & Sevvy

AllianceStats Statistics as of April 10, 2012

Total Nations 39
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 13,660
Nukes 140
Rank 113
Score 2.67
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The College of Winterhold (TCW) is a small alliance on the white sphere. It was founded on 12/8/11.


Construction started on the College of Winterhold in mid Novermber of 2011 by TheApollo and Tiberius, who has since gone inactive. By December 5 of 2011 TCW was ready to declare their existence. The College of Winterhold sought protection from Death Before Dishonor for protection and announced their declaration on December 8, 2011.

TCW started with only two members and only 6K alliance strength. At the one-month mark, TCW had 27 members and over 230,000k alliance strength. TCW's forums are constantly active and their IRC channel is always open for a conversation.

Shortly after a few changes, The College of Winterhold decided to release the protection from Death Before Dishonor and complete the friendship with a PIAT. Then, TCW obtained protection from FEAR.


Please check out The Winterhold Accord here.

International RelationsEdit

Treaty linkTypeTreaty Partner(s)
The Canik Couldn't Stay Away Accords Protectorate FEAR
Mirror to the Sky Accords ODP Terran Empire
The Treaty of Armistice PIAT Death Before Dishonor

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