This alliance has disbanded as of September 13, 2013.
The Austrian Empire

TAE Official Flag
TAE Motto: "The home of Germanic and Slavic peoples under one banner. Strength through unity."
Team Color Blue team Blue
Founder(s) Kaiser Karl V, Leopold Von Habsburg, Alexander II
Founded March 2011



Minister of Foreign Affairs

Minister of War

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Minister of the Interior

Minister of Finance

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Parliament Currently Inactive
International relations

AllianceStats Statistics as of December 9, 2012

Total Nations 36
30-day net gain
Avg. Strength 23,190
Nukes 182
Aid Efficiency 73 / 184
Score 3.82
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The Austrian Empire (TAE) is a medium-sized alliance on the Blue sphere. Members resided on the alliance affiliation as early as March 2011, but the alliance did not begin formal recruitment efforts until mid-December 2011.

The Austrian Empire was under the protection of Deinos, as an original member of the Tinytowne Protectorate Bloc.


Part I: The beginningEdit

Not much is known about the beginning of the Austrian Empire. What is known however is that The Austrian Empire alliance affiliation had been in use since march 2011, consisting mostly of ex German Empire citizens, who had fled in the end days of the Reich, as well as the time point just after its collapse. The alliance existed purely in the game mechanics however, and could not be considered proper as there was very little communication between members, and no structure such as a forum or IRC channel.

Part II: A proper empireEdit

In late 2011, after The German Empire had reformed, Alexander II (formerly Alexander the 5th) of Russia abandoned his application at The German Empire after a disagreement with new regent King Tower. Alexander decided to pursue a lifelong dream of helping to form and run a new alliance, but he also wanted a Germanic theme. All these conditions were met by The Austrian Empire, and Alexander II moved to the alliance. However Alexander quickly noticed the alliance lacked structure, and could never blossom into a world power unless action was taken to get the members active, and create a formal government. Alexander proceeded to create a forum for the members of Austria to use. The forum was simple and had only one category, but it did the job, as emperor Karl and Leopold Von Hapsburg signed up on the forums. Quickly it was decided Karl shall lead the alliance as emperor, with Leopold as chancellor. Alexander was awarded the cross of merit for his duty towards Austria. Quickly an IRC channel was set up, as well as a protectorate within the block Tinytown. Soon members started trickling in, as the alliance started to really take shape. Here Austria was truly born, no longer limited to anarchy and obscurity.


Main article: Constitution of The Austrian Empire

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