This alliance has disbanded as of September 23, 2011. More information is available here.
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The Armada Alliance
Protected by Tetris

TAA Official Flag
TAA Motto: Cyber Nations...The Final Frontier...These Are the voyages of The Armada Alliance ...Our continuing seek out new members and new treaty' boldly go where no Alliance has gone before.
Team Color Aqua team Aqua
Founder(s) Eff Jay , Green Muffins
Founded 5/18/2011
Directors Eff Jay , Green Muffins
Aqua Senate N/A
International relations Protected by Tetris
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The Armada Alliance . It was founded on May 18, 2011.


  • 5/18/2011 - The Armada Alliance forms in-game.
  • 5/18/2011 - The Armada Alliance declares their existence on the forums.[1]
  • 5/21/2011 - The Armada Alliance is protected by SLCB.[2]

The Armada Alliance Charter =/\=

Articles of The Armada Alliance

We the intelligent life-forms of the armada alliance determined

to save succeeding generations from the scourge of war, and to reaffirm faith in the fundamental

rights of sentient beings, in the dignity and worth of all life forms, in the equal rights of

members of planetary systems large and small, and to establish conditions under which justice and

respect for the obligations arising from treaties and other sources of interstellar law can be

maintained, and to promote social progress and better standards of life in larger freedom,

and to these ends

to practice benevolent tolerance and live together in peace with one another as good neighbors,

and to unite our strength to maintain intra-galactic peace and security, and to ensure by the

acceptance of principles and the institution of methods that armed force shall not be used except

in the common defense, and to employ intra-galactic machinery for the promotion of the economic

and social advancement of all intelligent life-forms,

have resolved to combine our efforts to accomplish these aims.

accordingly, the respective social systems, through representatives assembled on the planet bob,

who have exhibited their full powers to be in good and due form, have agreed to these articles of

the armada alliance, and do hereby establish an inter-planetary organization to be known as the

armada alliance.

Join us you will be assimilated you must have honor you must fight for the good of the many be respectful have fun

Assimilation (recruiting admission and acceptance policy) upron a member deciding to enter the alliance they must set their alliance affiliation to the armada

alliance and switch their team to aqua. they will be given a procedure to follow based on the rules

of acquisition. during the procedure process they will be given a mask of star fleet cadet. once

the procedure is completed they will be given a citizen mask and be congratulated into the

alliance with the great honor of kahless.

Government rules

All government members must report their progress to the ambassadors for their jobs.

elections will happen every 2 months. the taa members will have the option to vote a government

member out of office except for the admirals. the admirals can appoint or remove anyone at

any time and change the election time.

the admirals do not have a standing in the elections they will only get replaced by the

leaving admiral when they choose to step down.

all members especially the government must respect your alliance and portray it well

to others if you get caught portraying us badly you will get muted for half a day no

talking in outside channels or on the cn forums. the government will be held to a higher

standard including the admirals. however this does not mean you can't get crazy or have

fun like billybob throton and charliesheens baby.

all rules of acquisitions must be fallowed. (rules of acquisition are inter alliance rules and


government enforcement and membership judgement.

the government is made up of the following positions.

Admirals: responsible for running the alliance. they have total say in the running of the

alliance. they hold the final say on everything. (even who gets that last slice of pizza.) (nom

nom nom nom nom)

Fleet ambassador (mofa): this person is responsible for all outside alliance relations and

treatys. they must speak with the utmost respect of the taa. they help build our

image and build sexy relationships. you will be assimilated. they have the ability to appoint and

mask as many

diplomats as they want but the members must have the mofa permission or be appointed before

posting a diplomatic mask on other forum boards.

Section 31 agent (moi): they help with keeping the alliance members not overly out of

control and to help the alliance retain activity and enforce respect and rules. they also are responsible for gaining outside !!!!alliance intel!!!! and making sure

current alliance members do not try to spy for us or another outside alliance. they must

keep a low profile when speaking to outside members. you will be assimilated. they are also

responsible for posting any ghost or rogue reports on the taa forums. (however it is ever members

job to post the reports as well but its not mandatory to do so.)

star fleet academy professor (moe): they are there to educate our members and get them in

to tip top shape, and turn the noobs into monster beasts of doom that can crack any targs

skull in less than 2 seconds and eat the hearts of our enemies. they will also help any member who

needs help and organize the forum guides. they can appoint any member to be an instructor to help

them instruct and teach.

The starfleet academy.

grand nagus (mof): the great wise nagus is responsible for all the financial practices

within the alliance they must handle tech deals and trade circles they can appoint anyone

to be a ferengi of liquation (liqudator) to help with mof jobs. they can also shower in the

latinum bathroom.

Fleet captain (mod): they basically pump our alliance with nukes and black holes and lasers and

torpedoes and explosive diarrhea pizza.. they are the lead of say to all warring matters (however

they must check with the fleet admirals before attacking any alliance) and hold top responsibility

during times of war. you will be assimilated. they will help the government organize our members

and make sure with the starfleet professor they are up to date with battling knowledge. they can

appoint any member to be a tactical officer to help with battling fleets and defensive aspects of


Judge: they have the ability to judge anyone and propose a punishment ruling to the government to vote on. they can

appoint other members into the interplanetary supreme court of justice to help with judging.

Borg queen (mor):he/she (hopefully a she) is responsible for assimilating members from cn bob and

moving them to the armada alliance. she can organize borg drones to help her assimilate (yes even the guys are called the borg queen) her area on the forums is called the collective where he/she

(again hopefully a she) maintains her borgy rule over her/his drones. you will be assimilated?

Q (ad): the q is stationed in q's art corner he will study federation behaviors and reactions to

the art he creates out of nothing. q the art director, will help with media art and propaganda

with in the alliance they also

help the section 31 agent organize fun events for members. they must overview a member

and their abilities if they want to join the media department they can appoint anyone of

this. however you don't have to be in the department to create media but if you are you

get a higher responsibility and outlook from the general membership

nuclear weapons view

we support nuclear weapons, they can be used whenever in a war excluding a raid. but must be

allowed by the admirals before using nuclear weapons.

Raiding view

raiding is allowed but only under authorization. they can raid whoever they want but only after being authorized. however this can be changed at anytime if an alliance that we are treatied

with requests that raiding should be stopped. once the treaty ends with the alliance the raiding

shall continue. (only if the treaty states to not allow raiding. we are flexible on this matter as

some alliances do not like raiding.)

the raiding policy can be changed by the rules of acquisition

Expulsion from taa

If any admirals say your expelled you will take off our affiliation or get zied. once the nation is zied, we will not zi them again unless they attack us. after they get

down to zero infra and wait 6 months they are given a chance to re apply. if they so choose to do so, they must prove their honor to any of the government members

who decide to take them on. it can be any kind of challenge the government member chooses

after the challenge they must go through the normal admission process. the admirals

override the decision of the government member.

charter amendment rules

to amend the charter it must be voted on by the government and then the supreme assembly also have

a certain percentage towards the final say on it. the charter can only be amended after 6 hours

from its announced change on the owf or wiki.

Founder - Admiral Eff Jay Founder - Admiral Green Muffins

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