This alliance has disbanded as of March 8, 2009. More information is available here.
Terminus Est

TE Official Flag

TE Alternate Flag
Team Color Black team Black
Founded November 17, 2008

AllianceStats Statistics as of November 17, 2008

Total Nations 4
Strength 3,548
Avg. Strength 887
Nukes 0
Score 0.06
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The Terminus Est CharterEdit

Basic Principles of the AllianceEdit

Terminus Est is a military alliance. It is founded, organized, an will be run in a military fashion. We are open to diplomacy of course, but we prefer a good old fashioned fist fight more than anything. Politics bore us, and its high time we did something different. Members will be given the full protection they deserve, and we will never surrender.

Command StructureEdit

Terminus Est will be led by myself, the Warmaster. Below him will exist the Primarch's, a collection of individuals who have shown they are trustworthy and able to handle various situations. They will be appointed by the Warmaster. Below them will exist the standard soldiers and officers.


At anytime a Primarch or the Warmaster may propose a change to this document. A vote will be held after 24 hours of discussion.

Warmaster and Primarch'sEdit

At anytime can a vote of no confidence be held in the Warmaster or Primarch by any member. After 24 hours of discussion, the vote will be held. Should it pass, a new Warmaster or Primarch will be voted in immediately.

Keeping it simpleEdit

Everyone in the alliance is to be treated with respect. From Warmaster, to the soldiers. All input will be taken seriously, and cockbags will be kicked immediately and shot. We're not here to listen to drama, do a political little dance when someone cries. We'll listen to political requests, but we're not here to hold your hands. Its life, this is a military alliance, and we're here to fight.

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