Symbols of Großgermania are the symbols that are used as figurative representation of Großgermania domestically and internationally. Occasionally, this representation can extend to the people of Großgermania as well as the state itself. The primary symbol of Großgermania is the eagle, depicted on its flag, coat of arms, insignia, and currency. The eagle also serves as Großgermania's national animal.

Symbols of the omnipresent monarchy are also present in almost all facets of Großgermanian life. The Emperor of Großgermania is constitutionally defined as 'the symbol of [Großgermania's] unity, and the guarantee of its sovereignty and independence.' As such, the monarchy is in itself a symbol of the Empire. Depictions of the reigning monarch appear on the Reichsmark as well as in numerous buildings belonging to the Imperial Government. The Großgermanian Crown Jewels, which serve as a representation of the monarchy, also appear in numerous places, such as the Imperial Cypher (although the Prussian Crown Jewels appear on the nation's flag).

Symbols Edit

Symbol Type Symbol Date of Adoption Notes
Imperial Standard
Imperial Standard of Großgermania

Personal Standard of Michael von Preußen
12 February 2010 By Imperial decree, each monarch may designate a personal standard for use alongside the official Imperial Standard. The top flag is the official Imperial Standard; below it is depicted Michael von Preußen's personal standard. Flag ratio—5:1.
State Flag
Flag of Großgermania
12 December 2008 Flag ratio—3:5.
Civil Flag
Civil Flag of Großgermania
12 December 2008 Flag ratio—3:5.
Coat of Arms
Grossgermania CoA
12 December 2008 First used during the 1848 Revolutions.
12 December 2008 Officially the insignia of the National Unionist Party of Großgermania, it is often used in place of the national coat of arms due to its simplicity.
Imperial Cypher
Imperial Cypher of Michael von Preußen
31 January 2010 Stylized MR for Michael, Reichskaiser. Topped with the Großgermanian Crown Jewels, the monogram deviates from the common practice of using Latin initials (such a scheme would see the cypher use MI for Michael, Imperator). Varies with monarch.
Imperial Anthem
Heil dir im Siegerkranz

Heil dir im Siegerkranz
5 February 2010 Only a single verse with lyrics altered by Michael von Preußen is used.
National Anthem

Auferstanden aus Ruinen
12 December 2009 Replaced Das Lied der Deutschen.
National Motto Für Reich und Volk! 12 December 2008 English: For Empire and People!
National colors
12 December 2008 De facto; based on the colors of the national flag.
National Animal
Wappen Deutscher Bund

12 December 2008 A double-headed eagle is often used in heraldry, such as on the coat of arms.
National sport
Großgermania football

Association football
30 April 2009
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