De federale Raad van de Verenigde Provincies van Hout Clinkham
'State Council of the United Provinces of Clinkham Wood
Parliment of Clinkham Wood Logo
TypeUpper house
President of the Federal CouncilDaniel Baker, Conservative Party of Clinkham Wood
since 2008
Members127 State Council
Meeting place
Bundesrat Chamber
Palace of Westminster, London

The State Council is the representation of the 127 counties of Clinkham Wood at the national level. The Council has several exclusive powers not granted to the House of Commons, including consenting to treaties as a precondition to their ratification and consenting or confirmation of appointments of Cabinet secretaries, judges, other executive officials, military officers and other uniformed officers. The Council is a more deliberative body than the House of Commons because the Council is smaller and its members serve longer terms, allowing for a more collegial and less partisan atmosphere that is somewhat more insulated from public opinion than the Commons. The Council is considered a more prestigious body than the House of Commons, due to its longer terms, smaller membership and larger constituencies.

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