Southwest Socialist Republic
National Flag
Map of the SSR
Capital Salt Lake City
Official Languages English, Spanish
Demonym Southwesterner
Government Single-party state
- Secretary Ernesto Espada
- Independence from Mexico
- Dissolution of Navajo Union

June 12, 2021
May 29, 2068
Total Area 522,400 sq mi
- Total Population
- Military Personnel

Currency Southwest dollar
Literacy Rate 100%
Time Zone UTC -7/-6

The Southwest Socialist Republic or SSR is a landlocked nation in the former southwestern United States formed after the collapse of the Navajo Union


The SSR is primarily dominated by an arid desert climate, although mountains exist in the northern regions. It consists of the United States of Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, and Wyoming.


The Republic of War once spanned much of Texas and Mexico before collapsing in 2021. The Republic of Mexico was founded shortly thereafter. Mexico expanded into many parts of the former United States, including the territory occupied by the Navajo Union. Approximately one month after the formation of the Republic of Mexico, the territory was ceded to the Navajo Union for self governance.

In 2068, revolution broke out in the Navajo Union. Ernesto Espada, a revolutionary from Salt Lake City formed a militia known as the Espadas Rojas. The Republic of Mexico, North American Commonwealth, and Republic of California supplied the Espadas Rojas with arms and they quickly toppled the Navajo government by the year's midpoint. Espada established the Southwest Socialist Republic as a new socialist successor state.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The SSR is a Single-party state in which the Espadas Rojas, a socialist party, controls the government in its entirety. The Secretary of the Espadas Rojas serves as the head of state for the nation.

Foreign RelationsEdit

The Republic of Mexico, Republic of California, and North American Commonwealth have very good relations with the SSR. These three North American nations supported the revolution of Ernesto Espada. The three nations have significant influence on the Socialist Party, and effectively, all internal politics of the nation.

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