South Pacifica
A state of Portlandia.
[[File:{{{image_flag}}}|125px|Flag of South Pacifica]]
Provincial Flag
Capital Astoria
Official language
Regional languages
Hawaiian, Samoan, Spainish, Native American Languages
Demonym South Pacifican
Government Type
- Governer
John S.
Provincial Religion Mixed
Provincial Animal Seagull
- Annexation of Pacifica
- Pacifica acquires statehood
- North and South Pacifica split, forming two separate states


South Pacifica (abbreviated SP) is a state in western Portlandia. It is one of the oldest of the states, being established shortly after Portlandia's liberation. It borders the states of North Pacifica, Yakima, Willamette, and Dechutes. Its capital city is Astoria, located near the northern border of the state. It is the 5th oldest state and has the 4th largest population out of all the other states.

Etymology Edit

The Pacifica comes from the fact that its near the Pacific Ocean, and the south part is because North Pacifica and South Pacifica were at one point one Pacifica, but they were too hard to handle together so the Portlandian government split them. Thus South Pacifica was named, surprisingly enough, South Pacifica.

History Edit

Pre-Statehood History Edit

Before South Pacifica became a state, it was a tourist hotspot for the state formerly known as Oregon. Because of Oregon's boom in Latino immigration, the economy in the South Pacifica region was sprawling, attracting tourists and residents from across America. Because of its location, it was named one of the most gorgeous places in the world.

After The Portlandian Civil War Edit

Because of the devastating effects that the war had brought not only to Portland but to the whole North Western region, the area was corrupt and virtually lawless. Anarchists ran rampant. But on 4/1/11, the Portlandian military cleared out any oppositional forces along the North Western Coastline, and the next day, gave Pacifica its statehood.

The North/South Debate Edit

Soon after Pacifica's statehood was established, there was much dispute over what should be done with it. Many thought the southern city of Astoria should be its capitol while others thought that the northern city of Aberdeen should be the one. There were similar debates on the flag, policies, laws, and political figures. All of these frequently brought up the issue of north and south, which, by this time, seemed to be clearly different. So, fearing another civil war, the Portlandian federal government split the two states, making them North Pacifica and South Pacifica.

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