Sindorism is a political ideology that was founded by Soviet Sindorin in 2006 during the Second Polar War with the publication of Radio Free Pacifica and began to take root and form over the next two years into a philosophy of permanent conflict and perpetual revolution designed at destabilizing dominant political forces within the game, as well as removing political opposition to its own aims. While roughly "leftist" in nature it has more in common with Silentism than it does with any other current ideology.

Foundations and DoctrineEdit

During the Second Polar War, a publication entitled Radio Free Pacifica existed for the sole purpose of destabilizing the image of the New Pacific Order and to create the foundation for an ideological base from which Sindorin and those who followed him (mostly the NAAC) to begin to wage a public war of propaganda against them. After being unjustly expelled from the NAAC (for having a disagreement with Silent's alliance) he began to form the first "Sindorinist" alliance, the Pink International Group. PIG fought during the First Great War and was successful in a number of engagements though largely forgotten after a time. Over the next year the doctrine of Sindorism was refined and implemented into a purely insurgent based alliance called the Brotherhood of Nod. While not to be confused with the more "legit" Nod that is currently in existence, this Brotherhood was responsible for the espionage on alliances like Sparta, Orange Defense Network, Vox Populi and the NPO. It claimed responsibility for the attacks on several top NPO nations including the Nuclear Assault on TrotskysRevenge during the winter of 2006.

Sindorinist doctrine dictates that a populace must be ever vigilant against the reactionary forces within its ranks and must be always ready to fight against Authoritarianism wherever possible. Adherents to Sindorism do not limit their activities to in-game actions. They are routinely known for the disruption of other coordinated alliance activities (IRC, Forums, etc.;) The main tenet of Sindorism is the belief that the war will never truly end against the enemy, because the enemy is the game itself. There will always be a political usurper, an oppressor. And there will always be an enemy to fight.

Known Sindorist FactionsEdit

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