Flag of Sallee
Solidarity! Autonomy! Reciprocity!
to guide the helm o'er this watery realm - Sallee
Capital Cockaigne Castle, Big Rock Candy Mountain Prefecture
Largest City Sallee-Rabat
Official Languages Arabic, Berber, French
  • Populist
 • Total
 • Water (%)

223.713 mile diameter (16 Jun. 06)
 • Civilians
 • Military

3,567 Working Citizens (16 Jun. 06)
829 Soldiers (16 Jun. 06)
National Animal The Goat
National Anthem The Sallee Rover
  • Gross Individual
  • After Taxes

Literacy Rate: ~99.00%
Currency 1 Florin ($) = 100 Cents
 • Connected
Lumber & Water
Pigs, Uranium, Gold, Marble, Cattle, Wine, Rubber, Oil, Sugar, Iron

History Edit

Sallee was founded when a cabal of disidents located in the olde city of Sallee-Rabat wished to restore the glory of their renegadoe corasir past and re-instate the BouRegReg Republic in the modern cybersphere. This group led by a disgruntled and belligerent intellectual known as Mammee contacted a regiment of troops from the Nation of Hydrarchia to help establish a council communist commonwealth.

Government and Politics Edit

Given the council form of government, the nation has followed a populist bent in regards to whichever ideology reigns in Sallee at any given time. Sallee has long been aligned with Green, throughout most of it history it has been a peacefully roguish nation. Mammee acting Rais (or chief ambassador to other nations) has at the behest of the citizenry recently sworn fealty to Rysonia and the International Green Coalition alliance.

Foreign Relations Edit

Sallee enjoys mostly neutral relations with other nations thorughout the cyberverse. This is mainly due to its obscurity and history of non-involvment in world affairs.

International Agreements and Alliances Edit

Sallee is a member of the IGC and team green in general.

Economy Edit

The economy of Sallee is strong, efforts at replanting and managing cedar forests and river management and desalination technologies have made Lumber and Water its primary commodities of trade.

Languages Edit

Arabic, Berber, and French are the predominant languages in Sallee, various pidgin and creole languages are spoken as well. For convenience sake English has been decreed the official language of exchange and diplomacy. All four languages are taught to school childen from a young age.

Religion Edit

The citizens of Sallee has practiced many religions, and requested that various denomination be recognized as the official religion. In serendipity with its Hydrarchian past many of these can be seen as offshots of Gnostic Islamist beleifs (Islam, Bahai, Sikhism...). Reflecting its Moriscoe heritage Judaism is now the offically recognized religion. With its engagement in the IGC alliance a growing cult of Ryslam is spreading.

Military Edit

(Not released as of yet due to security Concerns)

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