House of Antin
CountryDeltoran Republic
TitlesMonarchy of the Deltoran Republic
King of Deltora,
Queen of Deltora
FounderAndrew Antin
Current headAndrew Antin

The Royal Family of the Deltoran Republic (also referred as the Monarchy or Royal Family ) is the second-in-command of the Deltoran Republic, only after the Duumvirate. The members of the Royal Family is the King Andrew Antin, and his wife the Queen Jessica Antin. The queen has little power, her only power is to advise the King (she also will advise the Duumvirate and sometimes command the military). The King's primary goal is to advise the Duumvirate, has the power to veto or sign bills (if bills are signed by the Royal Family, the Duumvirate will still have to sign them for them to become laws), and command the military (power is equivalent to a five star General).

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