Richard Mercton II

In office
January 1, 2069 – February 17, 2081
Preceded by Michael
Succeeded by Phillippe

In office
November 1, 2057 – January 1, 2069
Succeeded by Richard

Born May 3, 2014
Endor Cuidad, J Andres
Died February 17, 2081(2081-02-17) (aged 66)
Danbury, J Andres
Political party Nationalist
Royal House House of Richards
Spouse Kori
Issue Richard
Profession Non-profit administrator

Richard Charles Mercton II, or Richard, Earl of Danbury was the youngest child of Emperor Richard and Princess Madeleine. Richard preferred the private life, and while his siblings Benjamin and Samantha both played prominent roles during Richard's Rebellion, Richard kept to himself and worked with charitable organizations in Warwick and Danbury.

In 2081, an outbreak of H1N1 occurred within the Principality of Tikal. This outbreak spread to J Andres and Vinsalia later in the year. Richard, and his sister Samantha, both succumbed to the disease[1].



Patrilineality, descent as reckoned from father to son, has historically been the principle determining membership in reigning families. By the paternal line, Richard belongs to the House of Mercton.

House of Mercton
  1. Manuel Mercton of Porto Georgiaville
  2. Josef I, King of J Andres
  3. Richard, Emperor of J Andres
  4. Richard, Earl of Danbury

Royal HouseEdit

In J Andres, the descendants of a non-royal male are not required to take the name of his house as decreed by Queen Stephanie in 2052. In this manner, all royals should be able to trace their ancestry to Josef I or one of heads of the Dukedoms of bestowed peerage. As such, by Royal Lineage, Richard belongs to the House of Mercton.

House of Mercton
  1. Josef I, King of J Andres
  2. Richard, Emperor of J Andres
  3. Richard, Earl of Danbury


  • May 3, 2014 - January 14, 2057 - His Highness Prince Richard of Endor Cuidad
  • January 14, 2057 - July 3, 2057 - His Imperial Highness Prince Richard of J Andres
  • July 3, 2057 - November 1, 2057 - His Highness Richard of Endor Cuidad
  • November 1, 2057 - January 1, 2069 - The Honorable Richard, Baron of Warwick
  • January 1, 2069 - February 17, 2081 - The Honorable Richard, Earl of Danbury


  1. H1N1 Threat Spreads to J Andres and Vinsalia. (2081, February 18) The Anchor Times
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