Herzogtum Reuß
Duchy of Reuss
Reuss-CivilFlag Reuss-GreaterArms
National Flag Coat of Arms
Ich Bau Auf Gott
"I build on God"
National Anthem: None
Royal Anthem: Heil unserm Herzog!
"Hail to our Duke!"
Capital Greiz
Official languagess German
Demonym Reusser
Government Absolute Monarchy
Monarch Hans Adam I
First Minister Heinrich von Moritzhof
Legislature Council of State
- Established
- First Partition
- Second Partition
- Unification

11th Century
Major Religions Roman Catholic (State Religion)
Alliance Affiliation Austrian Empire
Currency Reussan Mark (rM)
Literacy Rate 99%
Internet TLD .rs
Driving Lane Right
Date Format dd/mm/yyyy
Time Zone UTC +1

Reuss (German: Reuß), officially the Duchy of Reuss (German: Herzogtum Reuß), is a sovereign state in central Europe. It is a unitary absolute monarchy, ruled by the Duke of Reuss. The capital and largest city is Greiz. It is a member state of the Austrian Empire.



Although the Duke is nominally subject to the Fundamental Law, his political power is virtually unrestricted and the Duchy is considered by many to be an absolute monarchy.


Main article: Ducal Family of Reuss

The Duke holds supreme executive, legislative, and judicial powers within the Duchy.


Main article: Council of State of Reuss

The Duke exercises his powers through the Council of State, of which all senior government officials are members. The Council is comprised of four committees: the Privy Committee is the personal advisory board of the Duke, the Executive Committee serves as the cabinet and is responsible for the day to day running of the government, the Judicial Committee is the highest court of appeal and regulates the judiciary, while the General Committee is responsible for drafting legislation. Legislative power is vested in the Council as a whole, although members must be granted individual summons in order to vote on proposed legislation. By convention, only members of the General Committee (and occasionally the Privy Committee) are granted summons.

Fundamental LawEdit

Main article: Fundamental Law of Reuss

The Fundamental Law is comprised of the Basic Law of the State and the Basic Law of the Ducal Family, which share equal legal standing. It establishes the basic rights of all citizens, as well as establishing a framework of government, and regulating matter relating to the Ducal Family.

Military & SecurityEdit



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