Republic of California
Californiarepublicflag Californiarepublicseal
National Flag National Seal
Live Free or Die
Map of California
Capital San Diego
Largest City Los Angeles
Official Languages English
Regional Languages Spanish
Demonym Californian
Government Unitary republic
- Prime Minister Aaron Slater
- Formation

March 8, 2002
Total Area 500,125 sq mi
- Total Population
- Military Personnel

Currency Dollar
Literacy Rate 100%
Time Zone UTC -8/-7

The Republic of California is a North American power and spans the western coast.


California has a mix of coastal areas bordering the Pacific Ocean and also borders the Rocky Mountains. It consists of the former regions of Baja California, Baja California Sur, California, Nevada, Oregon, and Washington.


California developed after the collapse of the Republic of Tahoe in 2002. California is the oldest nation in North America to have a continuous government. J Andres first declared their independence before the formation of California; however, J Andres suffered four collapses and lapses in governance.

Government and PoliticsEdit

California is a unitary republic consisting of one unicameral legislative body, the Parliament of California. The members of parliament select a Prime Minister, who serves as head of state and head of government.

Foreign RelationsEdit

California is a North American power and is friendly with many of the neighboring nations. North Mexico is its strongest ally, although close relations exist with the North American Commonwealth and the Navajo Union as well.

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