Republic of Asia
Peoples Republic of China VECrest
National Flag Coat of arms
National Anthem
Ode to Joy
Location-grand china
Capital Shanghai
Largest City Shanghai
Official languagess English
Demonym Chinese
Government Capitalist state Multi-party
- President xxJojas80
Formation June 15, 2012
National Animal Giant panda
Total Area 9,707,209.4667 km2
Total Population
- Ethnic groups
Currency USD ($) (CNY)
Internet TLD .cn
Driving Lane Right
Time Zone UTC +8

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Federal PolicyEdit

The Republic of Asia is a small, developing, and established nation with citizens primarily of Chinese Immigrants ethnicity whose religion is Mixed.

Its citizens pay mediocre taxes. The citizens of the Republic of Asia work diligently to produce Gold and Oil as tradable resources for their nation.

It is a mostly neutral country when it comes to foreign affairs. It will usually only attack another nation if attacked first. The Republic of Asia is currently not researching nuclear technology but believes nuclear weapons should be banned.

Plans are on the way within the Republic of Asia to arrest drug traffickers to protect the environment.

The Republic of Asia allows its citizens to protest their government but uses a strong police force to monitor things and arrest lawbreakers.

It has a closed border policy.

The Republic of Asia believes in the freedom of speech but feels that it is not any citizen's right to say things about their government that would help enemy terrorists, etc.

The government wants to give foreign aid when it can, but looks to take care of its own people first.

The Republic of Asia does not want to make deals with another country that has a history of inhuman treatment of its citizens, but for the benefit of their citizens, the Republic of Asia does.


The Republic of Asia, currently ruled by the President xxJojas80, has a long history.

The Republic of Asia's first diplomatic acts was to join the Viridian Entente. The Republic of Asia has thousands of citizens.

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