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A replica of the Amaterasu space shuttle on display in Aldebaran.

The Rengō Program (Japanese: 連合計画) is a joint program between the Midwayan Aerospace Exploration Agency (MAXA) and Federal Aeronautics and Space Agency (FASA). It is to include satellite launches and manned space flights, with


The scientific community in Midway was interested in constructing a space station throughout history, but the government hadn't found a reason to do so. It wasn't until Midwayan Emperor Zabuza Hashimoto showed interest in constructing a space station that it was given serious consideration. The JBRican space agency, FASA, had shown interest in outer-space missions as well, even completing the shuttle Hope. On June 24, 2011, the Midwayan Aerospace Exploration Agency was founded and Zabuza Hashimoto immediately sent a request to JBR for the start of the Rengō Program as a joint program between JBR and Midway.


ID Logo Date Shuttle Part Installed
RG-01 TBA Amaterasu Yume Module (Power System)

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