This alliance has disbanded as of September 21, 2013. More information is available here.

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RoK Official Flag
RoK Motto: "To Hell And Back, Together"
Team Color Aqua team Aqua
Founder(s) VanHooIII, Sir Horis, General Lee, Rabbit of Caerbannog
Founded 09/21/2007
  • Emperor: Wombaticus
  • Regent: Jekalle
Other Officials
  • Skati of War - Kinzer
  • Skati of Foreign Affairs - TheRec
  • Skati of Internal Affairs - Lysandros
  • Skati of Finance - xgoartemis
  • Skati of Education - Brandon1
  • Emperor's Guard: Daedric Banrae (Crixus)
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Ragnarok (RoK) was an alliance on the Aqua team. It was founded on September 21, 2007. Members of Ragnarok were referred to as RoKkers.

From humble beginnings in September 2007 it went on to grow and develop into one of the premier communities in Cyber Nations. With a theme based on the Norse Mythology of the remaking of the world, with the guiding principle of RoK > RoKker > Self.

Ragnarok became the third aqua alliance ever to be sanctioned on 06/04/2008.


The charter of Ragnarok defines the organizational structure of the government of Ragnarok, and the powers of each section of that structure. The charter also defines the Entry and Exit procedures from Ragnarok. It is one of the guideline documents for Ragnarok, amendments to the charter if required are possible. Any member of Ragnarok can make a proposal for amendment, the final decision on whether to amend the charter or not lies with the Emperor.

Admission To RagnarokEdit

Any nation can join Ragnarok provided they meet the criteria laid out in the Charter of Ragnarok, as well as corresponding documents. Young or newly created nations should be on the Aqua trading sphere or be willing to shift to the Aqua trading sphere upon acceptance into Ragnarok. Upon admission in Ragnarok younger nations are inducted into the Ragnarok Academy and must complete the course as well as face a graduation exam before achieving the Ragnarok Warrior rank.

Academy Trainers are senior experienced members of Ragnarok who have seen the game evolve and have a wealth of information and knowledge about all things to do with Cyber Nations. Be it CN history or Nation management and growth, waging war or IRC fundamentals, etiquette as well as comportment befitting a Rokker. Academy Trainers also ensure the development of the drive and commitment on part of the new recruits to enable them to become active contributing members of Ragnarok.

Former BlocsEdit


War Who Outcome Ribbon
Ubercon War Ragnarok & SSSW18 vs. Ubercon Victory Ubercon-War
Illuminati War Common Defense Treaty & SuperFriends vs. The Illuminati CDT/SF Victory 1st-Illuminati
Ragnarok-Bushido War Ragnarok vs. Bushido Ragnarok Victory Helmet-top-Bushido-war
Second Illuminati War Ragnarok vs. Illuminati Ragnarok Victory IlluminatiII
NEO-RoK War Ragnarok vs. New Eclipse Order Ragnarok Victory NEOcopy
War of the Coalition Coalition vs. Friends Over Infra Coalition Victory BLEUROUGH
Karma War Karma vs. The Hegemony Karma Victory RoKKarmawar
TPF War Ragnarok, Athens, \m/, and GOD vs. Coincidence Coalition White Peace


TOP-C&G War Ragnarok & others vs. The Order of the Paradox & others Victory BPWar5
RoK-NSO War Ragnarok, R&R, GOD, VE, and TENE vs. New Sith Order Victory TBD
PB-NpO War Ragnarok & others vs. Poison Clan & others Defeat TBD
MJ-SF War Ragnarok vs. CSN Victory TBD

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