capital city of the
Prussian Empire
QuartheFlag QuartheSymbol
City Flag Seal of Quarthe
View of Quarthe at night.
Prussian Empire
Location South-west of Germany
Area 1034.89km²
Population 4,567,949

Quarthe is the capital city of the Prussian Empire. The city is located in the south-west of the State of Germany, where it serves both as a major metropolitan area of the country but also as its political foundation. The city is the home of over 4-and-a-half million people, making it the largest city in Prussian territory. As the political capital of the Dominion, Quarthe is given what is called Recht des Staates (Right of a state), allowing it to act autonomously. While most cities lie under the authority of the Imperial Governors of each state, Quarthe is governed directly by the office of the Chief of General Staff.

During the Tenarran era, Quarthe was a medium-sized town of 500,000, an important center but not large enough to be considered seriously as a significant city. However, during the final days and time after the Tenarran Civil War the city found itself expanding rapidly due to refugees fleeing other areas. Located in between the states of Tenarra, the city was left relatively unscathed, and for that reason it served as a refuge for citizens beleaguered by the war. Alfred von Schliefen chose Quarthe as the capital of the new Prussian Empire due to its isolated location and position in between all of the Prussian states.

Located in the city is the most important area in the Empire, the Political District, wherein resides Tenarran Boulevard (the area reserved for embassies), the Palace of Quarthe and the Prussian News Network's headquarters. The Senate and Council of Ministers meet in the Palace, and it is also where the Chief of General Staff holds residence.

Quarthe was founded in 1959, 3 years after the Swiss Civil War and the formation of Tenarra, as a small trading town. It quickly boomed into a thriving city, home to the Royal Theater of Tenarra and the Royal Military Academy of Tenarra. Though born in Ghashi, another Tenarran city, Alfred von Schliefen spent most of his early years in Quarthe.

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