Pyrate Rebel Engine
Team Color [[File:{{{team}}} team.gif]] Multi-Colored
Founder(s) spaceship9, nanoer, ajdlinux (ajd)
Founded 5th November 2007

Ministerial Council:
Minister for Defence: spaceship9
Minister for Foreign Affairs: Nanoer
Minister for Finance and Development: ajd
Minister for Research and Information: ajd

Ministers for Interior and Recruitment: ajd, spaceship9, Nanoer

AllianceStats Statistics as of 13/12/2007

Total Nations 3
Strength 32,945
Avg. Strength 10,982
Nukes 0
Score 0.14
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The Pyrate Rebel Engine was founded in November 2007 as a splitoff from FIST over Starcraftmazter's new autocratic government. PRE is committed to democracy and is introducing a constitution with a democratic Assembly to decide laws and make decisions.


During November 2007, Starcraftmazter (then Minister for Defence, now Marshal of the State) completed FIST's democratic constitution. He then decided it would be a failure, and decided to quit FIST. Some of FIST's other founders discussed with him and Starcraftmazter decided to give members a choice: stay with him and a new autocratic government, or move to IPA.

spaceship9, Nanoer, The Red Cmorad, Mooney, Mack Truck and ajd disagreed and decided to form a new alliance. Before too long, however, Mack, Mooney and Cmorad went to other alliances.

spaceship9, Nanoer and ajd went ahead and discussed options, and eventually a Constitution drafted by ajd was accepted and opened for ratification on the 12th December 2007. The constitution as of 13 December is still not in effect as the required ten signatures have not been received.

PRE has been disfunct for many months as of now

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