Provinz Montenegro (de)
Province of the Duchy of Brunswick
Montenegro Coat of arms of Montenegro.svg
Provincial Flag Coat of Arms of the Province of Montenegro
Capital Podgorica
Official language German (de facto), Montenegrin
Demonym Montenegrin
Government Type
- Monarch
- Statthalter
Constitutional Monarchy
Princess Victoria
Fritz von Weickersthal
Total Area 5,019 sq. mi.
Time Zone CET

The Province of Montenegro (German: Provinz Montenegro) is a province of the Duchy of Brunswick. The province is made up of the former Montenegro. It is bordered by the provinces of Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Serbia, and Albania. It also borders the Adriatic Sea. Its capital is Podgorica.


Illyrians first inhabited the area now known as Montenegro. Slavic people began to settle the area around the 6th and 7th centuries. Modern-day Montenegro was first known as the Serbian territory of Zeta around the 14th century. The Ottoman Turks ruled from the 14th century to the 19th century. Montenegro became part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire before achieving independence in 1878. Prince Nicholas I declared himself King of Montenegro in 1910. Montenegro fought alongside the Allies in World War I but was defeated by Austrian and German forces. Montenegro was annexed to Serbia after the defeat. Serbia was known as the Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes, until it became Yugoslavia in 1929. Yugoslavia became a Communist republic with a dictator after World War II. A civil war started in 1990 and lasted nearly a decade until Serbia and Montenegro remained. The two states separated in 2006.

Montenegro became a part of the Duchy in 2009.

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