Provinz der Moldau (de)
Provincia din Moldova (ro)
Province of the Duchy of Brunswick
Moldova Coat of arms of Moldova.svg
Provincial Flag Coat of Arms of the Province of Moldova
Location Moldova Europe
Capital Chişinău
Official language German (de facto), Romanian
Demonym Moldovan
Government Type
- Monarch
- Statthalter
Constitutional Monarchy
Princess Victoria
Alwin Reitzenstein
Total Area 13,067 sq. mi.
Time Zone EET

The Province of Moldova (German: Provinz der Moldau) is a province of the Duchy of Brunswick. The province is made up of the former Republic of Moldova. It is bordered by the provinces of Romania and Ukraine. Its capital is Chişinău.


Moldova began as an independent principality called Moldavia around the 14th century. The Ottoman Turks conquered Moldavia by the 16th century before Russia obtained control of the most of the territory in 1791. Turkey gave the remaining province of Bessarabia to Russia with the Treaty of Bucharest but withheld what remained of Moldavian land until giving it to the Romanians in 1918. Moldavia became an Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic in 1924. Romania gave up the entirety of Bessarabia to the Soviets in 1940 and merged it with the existing Moldavia ASSR to form a Soviet Socialist Republic. Romania won back Bessarabia with the help of Germany in an attack on the Soviet Union but lost the area again to the Soviets in 1944. After this acquisition, the Moldavian SSR was reestablished. Romania continued to argue with the USSR over Bessarabia for many years after the loss. Moldavia declared independence in 1991 and changed the spelling of their name to Moldova.

Moldova became a part of the Duchy in 2009.

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