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The President of Oluwa is the highest political official in the Republic of Oluwa by influence and recognition. His official title is President of the Republic of Oluwa, but is commonly shortened to President of the Republic domestically and President of Oluwa by foreign press.

Powers Edit

The President of Oluwa is the head of state (Chief executive) in both domestic and foreign affairs. In his capacity as head chair of the Council of Ministers he also acts in his capacity as head of government in appointing, dismissing and presiding over the Council of Ministers, which initiates laws and oversees government operations in various public bureaucracies.

The President also serves as Commander-in-chief of the armed forces, and heads the National Defense Commission, which he co-chairs with his appointed Minister of Defense, and which comprises the heads in charge of the military branches, as well as select civilian and military experts and officers. The Commission works similar to the Council of Ministers on a smaller level.

Such 'Commissions' exist for every Minister in the Council, and serve as a reference point for the President to chair and preside over every area of governance, but the actual management of such areas is usually left solely up to the Minister and his subordinates, with the President traditionally only giving overall directives and broad policy 'plans'.

For example, for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs the President heads the External Commission, co-chairing with his appointed Minister for Foreign Affairs. This is because the President acts as (Chief diplomat) and the various commissions he appoints exist in an advisory function for him. Many political observers call this the 'government of experts', for while the President is directly elected the vast amount of governance is done by unelected experts in their fields.

Although the President usually convenes over a Commission in the event of a launching of a policy or, special sessions can be made in emergency situations.

History Edit

When Oluwa first became an independent republic on the 12th of December 2008, a new Constitution was promulgated with a presidential style of government. That day presidential election was held, with early favorite Omuru Abimbola winning in the first round of voting, and assuming the office of the presidency that day.

Eligibility Edit

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