President of United Republic of Ireland
President of the United Republic of Ireland
Pat Breen-2009
Padraic Kelly

since 29th August 2011
StyleMr. President
ResidencePresidential Palace
Dublin, United Republic of Ireland
Term length7 years
Inaugural holderPadraic Kelly

The Presidency of the United Republic of Ireland is the highest office in the United Republic of Ireland. The President is elected by the people for seven years and can be elected for a maximum of two terms. The Presidents official residence is situated in Dublin. If the President dies or is unable to fulfill his duties, the vice-president will automatically become the acting president until the President returns to full duties or an election is held.

The current President is Padraic Kelly, who was elected on the 29th October following the 2011 All Ireland Presidential Election.


The President can have up to two terms as president and each term lasts 7 years. If the President dies or is unable to fulfil his duties, the vice-president will automatically become the acting president until the President returns to full duties. The President has the authority to pass create any law or repeal a law if he/she sees that it is necessary. The President can take part and vote in meetings in the House of Comhdhail. The President can only be removed from power if he/she resigns from the office of if he/she is voted out of power by the Ard-Choiste na hÉireann.


To take the office of the president, one must be born in Ireland or a legalized citizen over the age of 25. The citizen must have been a resident in the country for at least 15 years. The citizen must have not been found guilty of committing a Grade A/B crime in the last 7 years(Grade A) and 5 years(Grade B).

Security and TransportEdit

As the most important person in the country, the President receives the highest level of protection in the country. The President is protected at all times by members of the Irish Army and the official residence of the President is highly secure with Armed Soldiers present at all times. The president travels through the country in the official state car which is a Mercedes limousine. The car is coloured Blue with strips of green and the tri-colour is placed on the left and right front wing. It is bomb and bullet proof with tinted windows on both sides. When travelling in the limousine, the President is always accompanied by support cars and motorcycles which forms a protective ring around the convoy. The President also has full use of the navy and air force at his/her disposal.

Major ActionsEdit

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