Pfizer Quigley
Former typePublic (ESE: PQ)
PredecessorPfizer, Quigley Pharmacies
SuccessorPQ Health
HeadquartersRossingol, J Andres
Area servedJ Andres
Key peopleMarissa Roth (CEO)
IndustryPharmaceuticals, Health care


Pfizer Quigley was formed in 2055[1] as a merger between Pfizer and Quigley Pharmacies. Pfizer was a large pharmaceutical company located in Rossingol, J Andres. During the United States era, Pfizer had a large research facility in Groton, Connecticut, present-day Rossingol. Pfizer struggled in the years after the United States as research money was hard to come by and other nations took the lead in medicinal research. Pfizer began selling off its facilities and was in decline. Quigley Pharmacies was a small local chain of pharmacies at the turn of the 21st century, but it expanded to cover most of J Andres by the time of the Fifth Maritime Republic. The pharmacies were successful as proper health care was expensive to most, leaving the small pharmacies and clinics as many citizens only form of health care.

The merger between the two companies in 2055 quickly threatened JTech, the leader of J Andres pharmaceuticals at the time.


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