People's Democratic Republic of Japan
Yuureiflag Seally of PRDOJ
National Flag Seal
Motto: United Forever in Friendship and Labour
National Anthem: The Internationale
Head of State Chairman Moshaaver
The Advisor
Capital Tokyo
Official language(s) Japanese
Government Type Communist
National Religion None/Secular
National Animal Kommando Tiger
(panthera tigris kommandus)
Alliance Affiliation Union of Consolidated Leftist Nations, Comintern, Socialists of Earth
Team Color Pink
Currency Yen
Formation 11/17/2006 23:12:18
Statistics as of 12/02/2006 20:11:27
Literacy Rate 99.27%
Total Population 3,411
National Resources Marble, Spices

The People's Democratic Republic of Japan is a nation with the goal of building and spreading communism through the use of democracy, education and violent revolution by its citizens and allies. They are committed to providing young leftists all around the world with the intellectual tools, technological knowledge, and Military Hardware they need to build communism around the world. The country has built alliances with other leftist nations and hopes to maintain solidarity in the east and eventually across the planet through a common ideology, strong trade and military relations.

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